Pluto is retrograde beginning on May 1, 2023 and will end on October 10, 2023

Retrogrades are a time of reflection, and Pluto’s specific back walk will have us inspecting our relationships with our ego, power, control, obsessions, fixations, and our shadow side. We are also tasked with confronting our motives and unspoken desires. Facing our fears and addressing our triggers with grace, compassion, and forgiveness for ourselves and others — if it feels aligned — can spark healing and transformation.

Pluto is the Planet of Destruction, Death, and Rebirth, meaning that its influence has us experiencing significant changes. We will continue to see big names — politicians, billionaires, and media personalities — fall from grace as Pluto continues to expose the hypocrisy of the so-called Plutocracy. While we already see this trend, it will exacerbate when Pluto forms a square with the Lunar Nodes of Destiny, between June and September. It will be mind-blowing to see how this is strongly related to the decomposing of our old structures, paving the way for new ones to be built once Pluto finally stays in Aquarius for good, which will not happen until November 2024.

Because Pluto’s retrograde begins in Aquarius, it will bring new energy and fresh perspectives, as Aquarius is one of the most inventive signs in the zodiac. During this period, you will feel the intense influences of Pluto retrograde, helping you move forward and fearlessly take on all the changes in front of you. In fact, Pluto retrograde will motivate you to challenge yourself. When Pluto goes retrograde, the planet’s influence is not reversed, but transformed “into high or excessive energy, hence the strong motivating energy you’ll feel.”

Pluto’s dive back into Capricorn will be truly newsworthy. Pay close attention to June 12, 2023 through January 22, 2024 when Pluto revisits Capricorn for the last time in about 250 years. The revolutionary forces put into motion by Pluto in Aquarius won’t go away, but the themes of power, hierarchy, and transformation of old structures will come back with a force.

Another date to be aware of is July 22, when the sun in Cancer will be opposite Pluto in Capricorn and Pluto will be forming a tense square to the Nodes of Fate in the sky. When the sun and Pluto sit across the sky from one another, secrets are revealed, we may be moving through a period of crisis or regeneration in some way. There is also an opportunity to heal, purge, release, and embody a deeper level of empowerment. This energy will stir up karmic fate around the world. Topics related to corruption, destruction, power, taboo topics, and control will play out and secret motives are revealed in a dramatic and powerful way.

For the next five months things may change slowly at first, but over time we’ll go through a deep transformation — one that only Pluto can guide us through.