SATURN ENTERS PISCES 3/7/2023 – 5/24/2025

Saturn enters the last sign of the zodiac for the first time in thirty years and will remain there for two years, when it will then tiptoe into Aries before stationing retrograde in — what else? — Pisces. Saturn won’t return again to go direct in Aries until February 13, 2026.

While Saturn is in Pisces, there can be some frustrations in achieving practical goals until we learn to integrate our material and non-material values. We can feel uncomfortable with big shows of feeling or vulnerability/weakness. However, by not fully allowing ourselves these very human qualities, we end up limiting ourselves. While we will work hard or root for the underdog, we don’t feel comfortable feeling like we are one. We should watch for subtly conveying to others that we don’t need kindness, compliments, and support. We can be bothered by people who seem to play the victim, or on another level, are too “out there” with their spirituality.

Lacking some faith or trust in our intuition (or life itself), we can frequently feel vaguely fearful. We may feel more comfortable offering tangible help and advice than emotional shows of support. We should learn to recognize how we may limit ourselves and our experiences if we deny our connection to the more vulnerable, messy, or chaotic side of ourselves. It’s a step-by-step, slow-but-sure process.

There is some tendency to avoid scrutiny at all costs, which can lead to missed opportunities. Even if we’re strong and resilient, we can sometimes doubt that we are able to cope. There is a possibility of persistent or formidable enemies.

Quietly working hard can be a real strength of this position. We’re learning to allow ourselves to be creative and imaginative. We’re also capable of considerable effort and hard work in support and service. It’s easier for us to put our ego aside in order to get things done.