MONDAY, 2/20/2023


This is the 51st day of 2023
27 days until the Spring Equinox
60 days until Mercury Retrograde
314 days until 2024

Sun is in Pisces
Moon is in Pisces
Mercury is in Aquarius
Venus is in Aries
Mars is in Gemini
Jupiter is in Aries
Saturn is in Aquarius
Uranus is in Taurus
Neptune is in Pisces
Pluto is in Capricorn
North Node is Rx in Taurus
Lilith is in Leo
Chiron is in Aries

Raccoon spirit | Embrace curiosity.

This masked bandit can make you laugh with his antics or make you angry when you realize he’s made off with your food! Raccoon is incredibly curious—to the point that he’ll walk into a potentially dangerous situation just to see what’s up. Like Raccoon, are there situations you’re barging into before you have all the information? Might want to re-think this one.

Raccoons are adaptable, resourceful, clever, and cunning animals. These animals are the bandits of the animal kingdom – similar to how we see crows – deceitful. However, many characteristics are worthy of our respect – very few animals can make the best out of a bad situation. Raccoons have adapted to the human-dominated world like no other animal. They have kept their freedom with trickery and resourcefulness. It seems like whenever they set their mind on a task – nothing can stop them.

These animals are creative with their actions because the main focus is on the end goal itself – not the process. To some people, Raccoons might seem like naïve creatures that get into unnecessary troubles all the time. However, to understand their full potential and symbolism – you need to look beyond this preset image. Here are some facts about these animals that may surprise you and help you see the whole picture of their character. Raccoons are tribe-oriented animals – they will always encourage you to put your loved ones first. They will teach you not to be selfish, to spread your good fortune, and that true happiness in life is always shared. Raccoons are surprisingly good judges and symbolize discernment. They help you assess every situation, like the masterminds they are – they can see some hidden points you might have missed. These animals are great at planning and judging situations. They will help you create the best with the resources at hand. The Raccoon – evolutionary speaking – has always lived on the land. It embodies the Element Earth and Air – it is resilient, goal-goal oriented, stable, practical, protective, adaptable, clever, and courageous. The connection of these two elements creates the raccoon’s mastermind personality. It can fixate on one task while adapting constantly to meet the requirements. That is why this animal is considered clever, cunning, and stealthy. The combination of these elements creates the only worthy opponent of the crow.

The Spirit Animal Raccoon is the most perfectly adapted help you can get. These animals are too resourceful not to get the job done. They will assess the situation like no other and help you make the best out of it. This animal has chaotic energy, the type that brings in a lot of movement into your life. However, the first step of this spirit guide helping you is to set clear priorities. When you have a clear idea of what you want to achieve – this animal will step up and show you the way to achieve them. The Spirit Guide Raccoon is here to teach you that everything you need is already here. Most of us think that to achieve our goals, a set of other events need to happen. However, this is most likely not true. It has been scientifically proven that we process a very small portion of the information our brain receives from our senses. In other words – we only acknowledge that what we set our mind. Therefore, if we consciously look for something – we will find it – the Universe is an abundant place. Raccoons are here to teach us that we can find whatever we need in a very close reach. However, we should always try to work in a team and share joy with others. Shared happiness is always more meaningful. Try to remember that we need to move forward together as a society and not only as individuals. Take the time to bring others with you.


This card depicts a man who is sitting on a stool, who is holding onto two pentacles in a very defensive and tight posture. It’s almost as if he is hoarding them out of fear of loss. One pentacle is balanced precariously on his head, while another one is tightly clutched between his own hands, and there are two of them which are securely placed underneath his feet. He is making sure that there is absolutely no one touching his coins. At the same time, he is also unable to move because he is holding the coins so tightly. In other words, he is restrained from acting because he is holding too tight to his possessions. To some, money does not always bring freedom.

The Four of Pentacles card is capable of generating both negative and positive perceptions. On one hand, the card signifies that you have successfully managed to accomplish much of your goals and you have managed to attain a significant material wealth in the process. However, on the other hand, there is a significant chance that you will start valuing things only for their material worth. You have worked hard to get to the point where you are now, and it is absolutely natural for your to desire to make sure that you remain stable. But this also has a chance to turn you into an overly possessive or greedy person who wants to ensure that no one is capable of taking away your own wealth.

There is a chance to turn you into an overly possessive or greedy person who wants to ensure that no one is capable of taking away your own wealth. 

The Four of Pentacles is also a card which shows that you are currently in a position in which you have solid investments and that you are financially stable. Because of your new-found wealth, you are being particularly conservative about money, and you are most definitely not inclined to gamble when it comes to any kind of financial matters. You are protective of what you have managed to accumulate throughout time, and you desire to steadily increase your overall net worth.

Be aware that without risk, there is no reward – if you spend too much of your time attempting to conserve, you may become a prisoner to your own material possessions. Wealth is a kind of energy as well, and we create what we express.


2/20/2023 NEW MOON IN PISCES: Moon in Pisces has the greatest sensitivity and perceptiveness of surroundings. You can experience feelings of insecurity, be passive and only wait and see what happens in your life. If you engage in creative or spiritual search, you will benefit from great imagination of Pisces.

2/27/2023 FIRST QUARTER MOON IN GEMINI: Moon in Gemini manifests itself by the need for changes and spontaneity. Safety lies in thinking about your feelings and sharing them with others. You can be more talkative and speak with ease these days. You might have a better ability to keep a cool head, but beware, cold heart can discourage others. Harmony of thinking and feeling is important.


20 New Moon in Pisces

The Pisces New Moon can be a great time to start new creative or spiritual projects, strengthen your connection to your intuition, and use your imagination. Compassion can run high, and you can be of help.

Venus Enters Aries

Take charge in love over the coming weeks, and take the initiative with those you’re interested in and care about. You can be more willing to do so and more enthusiastic and excited about love.

21 Mercury in Aquarius Square Uranus in Taurus

Words may get on your nerves, and it can be easy to get into a fight or become frustrated about something. Try to give your mind a break from whatever is stressing you out.

Waxing Crescent Moon in Pisces

22 Mercury in Aquarius Trine Mars in Gemini

Mental energy can be strong, and you can take the initiative with ideas and plans that excite you. You can pursue opportunities to make ideas real.

Moon Enters Aries

There can be greater energy and drive, and you can focus on what you want to get started with for yourself. You can be enthusiastic about it and ready to get moving fast.

Waxing Crescent Moon in Pisces/Aries

23 Moon in Aries Sextile Mercury in Aquarius

Ideas that you’re emotionally invested in can get more attention, and you can work on plans. You may want to gather more information and make sure you have everything you need.

Waxing Crescent Moon in Aries

24 Moon Enters Taurus

Energy can slow down, and you may want to take your time with decisions and actions for the time being. You can be certain first, and this can help you become more dedicated once you get started.

Waxing Crescent Moon in Aries/Taurus

25 Moon in Taurus Square Mercury in Aquarius

It can be difficult to focus your mind, and you may need to give your mind some space from the projects and plans that are taking up so much of your headspace. Your mind likely needs some rest.

Waxing Crescent Moon in Taurus

26 Moon Enters Gemini

Mental energy can surge, and you can come up with lots of new ideas and new plans. You may want to keep yourself busy and focus on what you can get started with quickly.

Waxing Crescent Moon in Gemini

27 First Quarter Moon in Gemini

Your short-term plans may need some adjustments over the next week, and they may be small adjustments, but they can make a big difference. Try to be flexible with what needs to be changed.

28 Moon Enters Cancer

Taking care of home and family matters can be of focus, and you can work to make improvements at home or help out those you think of as family. This can help you feel more secure emotionally.

Waxing Gibbous Moon in Cancer