Aquarius: 2023 horoscope predictions

Changes coming for Aquarius in 2023 – Four of Swords

This is a year to really settle down, kick back a little, prioritize your own rest and relaxation more highly, and breathe easier. Enjoy life more, and do stuff that makes you happy. Sounds simple, right? Well, it can be.

The Four of Swords shows you’ve been more pressured and stressed than you know and you’re ready to adapt to a more sustainable, healthy, and rejuvenating way of living daily life. More time for play, less time for work. You can’t pour from an empty jug and you will learn this the hard way if you don’t find ways to work smarter, live easier, and have more emphasis on fun and relaxation. Make this a MUST for the first half of 2023. And then it will kick in naturally.

Relationships for Aquarius in 2023 – The Hierophant

Taureans are important for you, as are people in spiritual, educational, or healing realms. And The Hierophant is a card about tradition, convention, structure, and spirituality – in love, this often points to engagement, marriage, family life, and commitment. You are ready, in short, to settle down and find peace in a relationship that fulfills and invigorates you, and that brings the structure and stability you need at home.

You want to invest in a partnership that can work to make both of your lives better than either could achieve solo. Put the work into your love life, commit and invest, and be faithful and true. It’s time to ~grow up~ in your relationships.

Career development for Aquarius in 2023 – The Devil

The Devil is a powerful card about taking ownership of your decisions, doing what suits you but being responsible for the consequences, challenging yourself to overcome old habits, self-limiting beliefs or behaviors, and setting up to take the hard (but high) road!

Don’t fall into old patterns or take paths of least resistance for an easy life. Do what is hard but right. Do what is best for you in the long run. Do what feels right, and avoid whatever feels like temptation. You might well want to strike out on your own in 2023, taking self-employment as an option. This can work if you’re ready to boss yourself properly! January will bring a new outlook here.


Aquarius is ruled by Uranus, the planet of innovation & change

  • Original and unpredictable energy
  • Need to feel at ease with their own uniqueness
  • Can experience themselves as eccentric or view themselves as misfits.
  • Prefer not to be burdened by the emotional wants, needs, and expectations of others.
  • Happier in kindred spirit group settings, where people support one another but everyone is responsible for their own role.


  • Aquarians are natural-born rebels: idealistic, unconventional, and forward-thinking.
  • Aquarians like to do things their own way and they hate being controlled or told what to think.
  • Ownership, possessiveness, and loss of freedom are their enemies and they side with the underdog.
  • Aquarians are trendsetters and their individualistic style stands out from the crowd.
  • People admire their inventiveness. Most Aquarians would rather drive an old banger powered by a recycled central heating boiler than a flashy new car.
  • Aquarians can be stubborn, rigid, and dogmatic. Sometimes they contradict just for the sake of being different.


This sign is looking for a profession that leaves them at liberty to work on their own terms, using their own techniques. Aquarians are natural freelancers or sole traders. They are not keen on following orders and they might struggle in corporate structures which demand absolute obedience to strict rules and regulations. They tend to rebel against any procedures and protocols that are designed to impose uniformity.

Aquarians do not try to impress anyone, they just aim to deliver results that hit the nail on the head and then go one step further. As their innovative approach might seem strange to more conventional types, they can feel like misfits in old-school organizations which insist on sticking to tradition. But they work well in group and team settings, so long as the atmosphere is non-judgemental, egalitarian, and democratic.

The internet is a natural habitat for Aquarians on the lookout for a suitable career because it offers an experimental environment where options can be considered without commitment. This sign has an affinity with new technologies, which Aquarians are usually very good at adapting to their own uses. They prefer to figure things out for themselves rather than be guided by formal instructions provided by a stranger.


ROMANTIC Although they are moved to tears by humanitarian causes, Aquarians are less easily influenced by emotion when things get too personal.

FRIENDSHIP This is the Aquarian ideal. Generally, the 11th zodiac sign is happier in friendships or group activities than on an intense one-to-one basis.

FAMILY Aquarians can feel like misfits in their own tribe. They do not do so well in conventional family setups and they prefer to belong to a group of free-thinking kindred spirits.

PROFESSIONAL Aquarians tend to think outside the box, which can make them seem rebellious and uncooperative. They perform best when they are guided by their own rules and procedures.

KEY RELATIONSHIP Aquarians prioritize their kindred spirit contacts with special friends and groups of like-minded colleagues.