TUESDAY, 9/27/2022

Today has an eclectic energy that could feel both scattered and psychologically challenging at times. This morning’s moon in Libra makes it a little easier for all of us to process.

When Pluto squares the moon, those in relationships take a closer look at their commitments. This is going to mark a time where your mind is influenced by your own desires. Over the weeks ahead, you might wish for something to happen to the point of obsession. Remember that everyone is going to be feeling these same vibes, so you aren’t alone.

This energy can bring gains and losses. You might feel like you’re unable to take any action at all, like you’re stuck in place. It could seem as though your mind is a prison, but it’s up to you to decide how to navigate through this minor storm. The reality is that as long as you have curiosity and creativity, you’re unstoppable. It’s only when you are hard on yourself that it feels like you’re stuck in an emotional swamp. On the upside, this energy winds down when the moon enters Scorpio later in the day.

Mercury’s return to trine Pluto and a Mars-Saturn trine offer continued opportunities to make excellent progress in this environment. However, the Moon is void-of-course from 9:20 AM PDT until 4:14 PM PDT, keeping cooperation elusive and agreements tentative. Activity is heightened but conclusions are held back and we will need to allow an unfolding process to play out before we make any lasting commitments. We are offered especially promising help to understand the overall re-evaluation process that is taking us through the end of this year. Investigations and re-examinations of facts and evidence will open remarkable new avenues of inquiry — but again, offer few conclusions.


Today is the 270th day of 2022
85 days until the Winter Solstice
93 days until next Mercury Rx (12/29/2022-1/18/2023)
96 days until 2023

Sun is in Libra
Moon moves into Scorpio
Mercury is Rx in Virgo
Venus is in Virgo
Mars is in Gemini
Jupiter is Rx in Aries
Saturn is Rx in Aquarius
Uranus is Rx in Taurus
Neptune is Rx in Pisces
Pluto is Rx in Capricorn
Chiron is Rx in Aries
Ceres is in Leo
Pallas is in Cancer
Juno is Rx in Pisces
Vesta is Rx in Aquarius
North Node is Rx in Taurus
Lilith is in Cancer
Part of Fortune is in Scorpio
Ascendant is in Libra
Midheaven is in Cancer

43 | Owl spirit | You see clearly now.

Are you feeling overwhelmed and overpowered by all that you are sensing? Are you highly sensitive right now and in information overload, feeling too much and taking in too much stimulation? The antidote for overwhelm is to become grounded and return to your safe nest so wisdom can offer you clarity and guide you on managing the flow.

Take a break to ground yourself in the reality of your everyday senses. Go for a walk in nature; perhaps you can stop to lie on the ground or hug a tree, or just stroll down the street beneath the soothing sky so that you can regroup and clear your energy field. Your wisdom and ability to make sense of all you are feeling and experiencing will return as Owl Spirit reminds you of your need to get clear.


The Sun Tarot card is the Major Arcana card of positivity, optimism, freedom and fun. Sun is also the ruler of Leo. With The Sun, things should be going well for you as this card also represents success and enthusiasm. You will find that people are drawn to the happy vibes and positive energy you are giving out and you will bring light and joy to everyone and everything you come into contact with. You will be feeling carefree, liberated and self-assured. It is also the card of truth so if you have been the victim of lies or deception, The Sun is coming to shine its light on the deceit to reveal the truth and the perpetrators of the lies. The Sun Tarot card in an upright position also signifies good luck. Any problems you have been experiencing will melt away with the warmth this card brings. It can also indicate travel to a country with a warm climate.

The Sun card is about the self — who you are and how you cultivate your personality and character. The Sun’s radiance is where one’s original nature can be encountered in health and safety. The limitations of time and space are stripped away; the soul is refreshed and temporarily protected from the chaos outside the garden walls. Under the light of the Sun, life reclaims its primordial goodness, truth, and beauty. If one person is shown on this card, it is usually signifying a human incarnation of the divine. When two humans are shown, the image is portraying a resolution of the tension between opposites at all levels. It’s as if this card is saying “You can do no wrong — it’s all to the good!”


10/2/2022 FIRST QUARTER MOON IN CAPRICORN: You might have a strong need for being useful to the society and you look for justification in the outside world. You may underestimate what you want from yourself and for yourself. Shyness may be accompanied by resentment of the fact that others ignore you. Do not seek approval from the outside, it will not help you get rid of your doubt and it is harmful to you. You have to trust your inner values.

10/9/2022 FULL HUNTER’S MOON IN ARIES: The feeling of uncertainty can make you solve problems faster then is natural. Do not rush as if there was a deadline. Try to slow down so that you can decide what you want to do and proceed at your own comfortable pace.

A Full Moon usually brings things to a head. It’s often a highly charged time emotionally and with this Full Moon being in combative Aries, it has the potential for a few things getting out of control. Aries is the sign not known for patience – or for restraint. If we look at the meanings associated with Aries, we can begin to appreciate that there may be more than strong feelings associated with this Full Moon.

Being direct and pushing right ahead tend to be the traits we associate with Aries, so this Full Moon is a sign that tempers may be short and issues may provoke a hair-trigger response. Sometimes you need a big argument to clear the air – and at the time of the Full Moon in Aries, that’s more likely to happen than not. However, Aries is not all about the big fight and if you’ve been trying to make progress with a few things – but seem to have come up against some blockages – the Full Moon in Aries may mark the moment when you can start to move forwards and take action.

Of course, those two outcomes may be related because Aries indicates a time when people (and events) charge ahead regardless of the consequences. Events may happen fast under this Full Moon – and that may happen in our personal lives – and in the wider world too. The image that comes to mind is of people at loggerheads, largely because the person in charge, really isn’t listening to any alternative view and may not even care about any downside that is caused to other people – either personally or in a wider sense. 

10/17/2022 LAST QUARTER MOON IN CANCER: Your feeling of safety is now related to your home, family and related activities such as cooking and gardening. You may be prone to emotional fluctuations; you should learn to forgive and forget in order to avoid depression from thinking too much about things. Your perception of the world can be very subjective; try to create a certain distance without being bitter. Due to your rich emotional manifestation you can create a real sense of belonging in the world.

10/25/2022 NEW MOON IN SCORPIO: Moon in Scorpio creates the need to delve into your feelings as deep as possible. You desire meaningful emotional exchanges now more than at any other time even if it is not easy and you are forced to change many things. Shallow relationships do not satisfy you, because they are not purifying enough.

The position of the Moon in Scorpio is very passionate and mysterious. All accumulated in the subconscious is put forward to the fore: passion, jealousy, aggression, the thirst for power, the desire to win. Instincts now take precedence. In these periods, more fights and psychological pressure. However, this time allows a person to more easily know the depths of his soul, to exceed his possibilities – a sudden transformation, the awakening of the soul, important spiritual discoveries are close. Do not try to hide the facts, but do not disclose all your plans, do not be too tense, do not try to implement secret designs. Beware of resentment of someone from others. It’s easier to start things that require more courage, determination. However, it is more difficult for criminals to cope with themselves, they are more inclined to extremes. These are the days of martial arts, the soldiers of the Spirit. More experienced people are more aware of how to take control of enslaving passions.

Not only fighters or those prone to crime become more active, but also those who are involved in power structures: military, police, security structures, etc. Increased interest in magic, magic, secret esoteric sciences. This period is favorable for artists, because feelings, passions are hot, the subconscious provides many opportunities for self-expression. This period is less favorable for teachers: students are more interested in love affairs and evil jokes. Favorable time for signing documents, renting out property, painting work premises, showing trust, solving problems, sending detailed inquiries, starting campaigns against competitors, making important transactions. A good time for activities in the field of police control, surgery, research, exploration, meat trade, mining, investment management, and also in the area associated with funerals.



A day to hit the books and do plenty of research on serious topics until we get the answer to our problems—even if it’s not the answer we were hoping for.


A day of innovation as goals are achieved with hard work and clever thinking.


In its other ruling sign. Venus focuses on the important relationships in our lives and finding harmony within those relationships. While we are less assertive, we can use our charm and cool attitudes to get what we want.


With the nurturing Ceres in service-oriented Virgo, it’s important to find time and energy to take care of ourselves and attend to our only healing rather than tending to the needs of others.