You are the arbiters of the Zodiac. Able to clearly see both sides of any given situation, your skills are renowned as judges, counselors, consultants, and diplomats. Your symbol, the scales, shows how you weigh information and you like to look carefully at all of the options. For this reason, it takes you some time to make up your mind. You enjoy theorizing what would occur should you choose one path, then pondering the consequences of taking another. Once you decide upon a course of action, it is very hard to dissuade you.

You have a strong sense of color and design and can also be found in artistic careers. Painting, interior decorating, home designing and feng shui can attract you.

You believe that life is about relationships. You constantly question your relationships to your spouses, children, fellow employees/employer, home, church and community. When you are alone in a room, you relate to the room and this is why you are very uncomfortable in a messy or cluttered space. You want things to be copacetic.

Friendships and a social life are very important to you. You possess the ability to entertain in style and you always seem to know just what to say and how to say it.

Personal appearance is also on top of your list. You never leave the house without looking in a mirror and you love to keep up with fashion trends. You intuitively know what outfit will look just right for the day or occasion. It must be of good quality, though, as ticky-tacky will never do. You also love things that are soft like cashmere and velvet. Often attractive, it is said that many, if not most, models are Libras.


Best matches for you

  • Leos know how to entertain you and make you feel special. The two of you will possess a comfortable home with beautiful accents.
  • Gemini shares your love of a good time and will keep friends circulating around your home.

Good matches for you

  • Capricorn will provide you with the plush surroundings you feel that you deserve.
  • Aquarius shares your interest in people.

From The Old Farmer’s Almanac