Happy birthday, Virgo! The Zodiac Sign for Virgo (August 23 to September 22) is represented by the symbol of a Virgin or Maiden carrying a shaft of wheat, symbolizing modesty and humanity.

Virgo Personality

You are the organizers and scientists of the Zodiac. You love to see how everything works and are constantly taking things apart and putting them back together again. You want all of the pieces to be precisely where they belong and chaos upsets you to the core.

Some say that you are neat freaks but this is not necessarily so. You do, however, have places and things that you keep in impeccable order but they may be right next to a drawer full of jumbles. Things that you touch or look at often will be at the top of the list for organization. Perhaps dirty keyboard keys or phone pads can make your skin crawl. Dirty bathrooms cause you to cancel gym memberships and phase out friends.

You are scientifically gifted and love to learn all of the parts of things whether they be of the periodic table ilk or the specific steps to create a favorite recipe. You want to know how to do it and how to do it correctly. You can be counted upon to do what you say and employers love your dedication to keeping order. It is impossible for you to misfile.

You make excellent business people as you fastidiously note everything that you spend, how much time you have dedicated and the concrete results that you have experienced. You build upon your knowledge and can go far in your chosen field.

Others often ask for your advice as they know that you will give them an answer only after you have thoroughly thought it through. Your good taste is also reflected in your home where you love clean lines and refreshing art. Your kitchen is immaculate and you can be counted upon to have all the necessary tools and equipment to make a wide variety of dishes. Friends love to come and visit because they can be sure of a fine meal.

Virgo Compatibility

Best matches for you:

Capricorn shares your desire for the good life. You will be among the noted couples in your community and you can accomplish much.

Taurus knows just where to rub your back to ease the tensions and will be happy to fix you a delicious meal as well.

Good matches for you:

Cancer keeps the home fires burning and will be sure to appreciate all that you do.

Scorpio knows how to be successful and will be happy to bring you along, too.