SATURDAY, 1/29/2022

Today, Venus in Capricorn ends her retrograde journey that began on December 19. The pre-shadow period commenced on November 17, and the post-shadow period will last until March 3. During this time, Venus will recover from the mess that began last month and in November. This means that we can feel an energetic shift for the better that relieves financial and relationship tensions.

The caveat is that until Venus clears its shadow, there will still be a lot of things left to deal with. Basically, the story is far from over.

There might not be a reversal of fortune when Venus ends her retrograde. We will be able to gain more clarity about how we invest our money and deal with relationship issues in the future. It will take a while for us to overcome the upheaval that occurred over the past 40 days, but, as long as we’re dedicated to giving our all to improving the situation, we can thrive. Don’t give up. Know that the journey toward bliss is an uphill battle that will require more time and energy. The hardest part is over.

The Moon conjuncts the stationary direct Venus this afternoon and there is an extremely promising feeling of stability that is fostered. Today’s extremely broad perspective allows us to see the vast expanse between the past and the future and begin to use the skills similar to those of a talented administrator to pull together the remnants of the past with innovative new solutions to build a better future. There is vast potential for planning and foundation building that seems almost endless today. Nonetheless, we need to maintain balance and spend significant time unraveling emotional blind spots that may be coloring our intuition in some way. Our loyalties may be stretched or we may feel a powerful sense of loss. Even so, the main focus today is about building for the future.


Today is the 29th day of 2022
49 days until Spring Equinox
Mercury is Retrograde
336 days until 2023

Sun is in Aquarius
Moon is in Sagittarius
Mercury is Rx in Capricorn
Venus is in Capricorn
Mars is in Capricorn
Jupiter is in Pisces
Saturn is in Aquarius
Uranus is in Taurus
Neptune is in Pisces
Pluto is in Capricorn
Chiron is in Aries

  • Venus is retrograde from December 19th and goes Direct on January 29th (2022) in the signs of Capricorn/Sagittarius.
  • Mercury is retrograde from January 14th and goes Direct on February 2nd in the signs of Aquarius and Capricorn.


2/1/2022 NEW MOON IN AQUARIUS: Your relationship with your emotions might be more complicated, because Moon in Aquarius has a strong need for emotional freedom. However, when you are in a group of people, it is easier for you to understand your feelings and free yourself from negative emotions such as fear, anger and jealousy.

2/8/2022 FIRST QUARTER MOON IN TAURUS: Your safety depends on the need for stability, which is not easy to satisfy now. You have to learn to accept change as part of your life. The basic problem is finding your own self-respect in order to ensure that you do not mistakenly seek it in material things. When you accept yourself for who you are, it will become easier for you to find peace and tranquility in the outside world.

2/16/2022 FULL MOON IN LEO: You feel safe in moments when you can impress others and get praise and admiration. Yet, when you get into the spotlight, you may find yourself at a loss. Maybe you should admit your fear of criticism and your inability to accept criticism. It is very important to accept feedback and use it for improvement.

2/23/2022 LAST QUARTER MOON IN SCORPIO: Moon in Scorpio creates the need to delve into your feelings as deep as possible. You desire meaningful emotional exchanges now more than at any other time even if it is not easy and you are forced to change many things. Shallow relationships do not satisfy you, because they are not purifying enough.


Are you ruminating, turning thoughts around and around in your head but not getting nearer to a decision or solution? Pig Spirit is here to protect you from “analysis paralysis”! Let your mind rest now and allow your intelligence to mingle with the mysteries of intuitive guidance, releasing your tight hold on facts and unsolved puzzles, whether it be a relationship or any other aspect of your life.

In fact, now might be a good time to think about something else altogether and release your grip on needing to know. When your thought processes are muddied by fear and anxiety, allow Pig Spirit to lead you back to the right use of your natural intelligence. Take a break, relax, and release that ball of worry. Soon the smart choice will become clear to you. More facts may be needed, more digging for information and more questioning; when seeking to learn more, enjoy the process of using your thinking prowess.

All the elements of your intelligence are reliably guiding you now once you’ve given your mind a rest.

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