THURSDAY, 1/27/2022

The moon enters Sagittarius this morning, which means that it’s time to be bold and make the first move in your love life—especially because the sun, Jupiter, and Saturn are activated now.

Your confidence is at an all-time high, motivating you to scroll through a dating app all day. You could find someone you really like, so don’t hesitate to swipe right more than left to ensure maximum success in finding a new beau. An impulsive date that lasts until sunrise will make you swoon and smile. Face it, you’re on fire!

The only caution is that it could be hard to organize your romantic life if you’re needed at the office and your boss is extra demanding. Finding a balance between work and love could be hard now, especially if you received a promotion that requires you to spend more hours at the office. Before you go into a tailspin, find a way to make it work. Create a linked calendar so you can manage both your private and professional schedules to ensure you can spend plenty of time wrapped up in your beloved’s arms.

Today’s Sagittarius Moon may encourage us to go all in or take big risks today. While there may be some luck to be found that could help us today — we should be very cautious about relying on a lucky break. The focus is on practical, steady effort and persistence, which may feel a bit like drudgery and not as exciting as we want. However, steady effort is really where we find today’s payoff. We should note that our most effective efforts will be seen through collaboration. Independence and individual effort is really where we face the most temptation to look for a bit of luck to set us apart from others — but also where we may deal with the most devastating disappointments.


Today is the 27th day of 2022
51 days until Spring Equinox
Mercury is Retrograde
338 days until 2023

Sun is in Aquarius
Moon is in Sagittarius
Mercury is Rx in Capricorn
Venus is Rx in Capricorn
Mars is in Capricorn
Jupiter is in Pisces
Saturn is in Aquarius
Uranus is in Taurus
Neptune is in Pisces
Pluto is in Capricorn
Chiron is in Aries

  • Venus is retrograde from December 19th and goes Direct on January 29th (2022) in the signs of Capricorn/Sagittarius.
  • Mercury is retrograde from January 14th and goes Direct on February 2nd in the signs of Aquarius and Capricorn.


2/1/2022 NEW MOON IN AQUARIUS: Your relationship with your emotions might be more complicated, because Moon in Aquarius has a strong need for emotional freedom. However, when you are in a group of people, it is easier for you to understand your feelings and free yourself from negative emotions such as fear, anger and jealousy.

2/8/2022 FIRST QUARTER MOON IN TAURUS: Your safety depends on the need for stability, which is not easy to satisfy now. You have to learn to accept change as part of your life. The basic problem is finding your own self-respect in order to ensure that you do not mistakenly seek it in material things. When you accept yourself for who you are, it will become easier for you to find peace and tranquility in the outside world.

2/16/2022 FULL MOON IN LEO: You feel safe in moments when you can impress others and get praise and admiration. Yet, when you get into the spotlight, you may find yourself at a loss. Maybe you should admit your fear of criticism and your inability to accept criticism. It is very important to accept feedback and use it for improvement.

2/23/2022 LAST QUARTER MOON IN SCORPIO: Moon in Scorpio creates the need to delve into your feelings as deep as possible. You desire meaningful emotional exchanges now more than at any other time even if it is not easy and you are forced to change many things. Shallow relationships do not satisfy you, because they are not purifying enough.


Are you being distracted by the illusion of a chaotic universe? Deep in your heart, you know the world is full of magic, and White Raven has appeared to remind you that the ways of the world can cause spiritual amnesia. Stay awake and alert, for Spirit wants you to enjoy the miracles all around you.

Remember, the evidence of divine order can be seen everywhere. Ask for a sign, and it shall be yours. Synchronicities happen all the time, so if you are in a time of challenge and feeling cynical, all you need to do is ask for a reminder. White Raven will appear to reassure you that all of this is leading to something better, for magic is in the wind.

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