Monday, 11/8/2021

While Mondays tend to be the most dreaded day of the week, recommitting to your work schedule won’t feel so difficult this time around as the Capricorn moon forms a helpful connection to action planet Mars this morning. You’ll be in the mood to chip away at your career goals, and even the more mundane aspects of your job should go by quickly while instilling you with a sense of accomplishment.

Staying on task will be a priority that comes easily right now, but you want to make sure you take breaks to recharge, especially during the first part of the day when the moon forms a harsh square to healing asteroid Chiron. It would be easy to overwork yourself in this cosmic climate, so even if you feel as though you can push forward with your agenda, take regularly scheduled breaks anyway.

Excitement comes to shake up your afternoon as Lady Luna and wild-card Uranus form a helpful connection. Financial and professional breakthroughs are likely to occur under this energy, so don’t be afraid to take a few well-calculated risks.

The sun and moon share a soft connection as the day comes to a close, and you should be feeling pretty good about your efforts. Use these vibes to build up your confidence, and don’t shy away from any compliments or acknowledgments of your accomplishments.

We struggle to find the correct balance between established structure and innovation today. Of course, this is part of the overall environment that has been with us all year under the Saturn-Uranus square. However, today this balancing act seems quite personal. We are trying to find just the right balance in terms of our individual position — how and where we fit into the whole. We may have important intuitive clues today that help guide us to find our place but we are vulnerable to selling ourselves short. Somehow, we need to understand our own value in a way that is not totally defined by what we do or by what those around us determine to be of value. The challenge of being right-sized requires personal clarity but also some understanding of exactly where we fit within a larger picture. We must be free to innovate but also honor and respect the structural framework that we are living in — not really as easy as it may sound!


Today is the 312th day of 2021
43 days until the Winter Solstice
67 days until Mercury Retrograde
53 days until 2022

Sun is in Scorpio
Moon is in Capricorn
Mercury is in Scorpio
Venus is in Capricorn
Mars is in Scorpio
Jupiter is in Aquarius
Saturn is in Aquarius
Uranus is Rx in Taurus
Neptune is Rx in Pisces
Pluto is in Capricorn
Chiron is Rx in Aries

  • Venus is retrograde from December 19th and goes Direct on January 29th (2022) in the signs of Capricorn/Sagittarius.
  • Neptune is retrograde from June 25th until December 1st in Pisces.


NOV 11: FIRST QUARTER MOON IN AQUARIUS: Your relationship with your emotions might be more complicated, because Moon in Aquarius has a strong need for emotional freedom. However, when you are in a group of people, it is easier for you to understand your feelings and free yourself from negative emotions such as fear, anger and jealousy.

NOV 19: FULL MOON LUNAR ECLIPSE IN TAURUS (BEAVER MOON/FROST MOON): Your safety depends on the need for stability, which is not easy to satisfy now. You have to learn to accept change as part of your life. The basic problem is finding your own self-respect in order to ensure that you do not mistakenly seek it in material things. When you accept yourself for who you are, it will become easier for you to find peace and tranquility in the outside world.

NOV 27: LAST QUARTER MOON IN VIRGO: Your feeling of safety is now related to order and clarity, even in emotions. You may have the need to organise everything chaotic and disorganized. Try being more tolerant and accept imperfections of life. It is better to trust life and let it run its own way, not everything must be according to our expectations.


A healthy ego means you ease God’s order instead of edging God out. Lion Spirit’s appearance is a reminder that you have been given the gift of pride and a healthy sense of your worth to express your divine, authentic self in a unique way.

You are both the king and the queen, secure in your prosperity and wisdom and generous of spirit as you help others. Take pride in your ability to serve from the heart. Contentment with what you have, right now, allows you to use your resources wisely as you give to others in ways that educate, heal, inspire, and delight.

Be proud yet humble. Practice gratitude, and you will find that the accolades that come to you are no match for the joy of knowing what you have been able to do for others through expressing the bounty of generosity within you.

Lion Spirit knows there is a great savanna before you and many who will benefit from the healthy expression of your unique set of gifts if you choose to work in partnership with Spirit. All your relationships flourish as you express your worth and generosity of spirit with humility and kindness. What a blessing you can be to all!

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