Deer Moon Astrology, 10/22/2021

Welcome to Scorpio season! It’s that time of year when the veil gets thinner by the day. You are in alignment to process your emotions at the truest and purest levels of total psychological transformation.

The sun’s entry into the watery sign of the Scorpion begins, marking our soul quest through the underworld where everyone can contend with their personal karmic ties and embrace their shadow, a sentiment echoed by the square between Mars in Libra and Pluto, which is retrograde in Capricorn, that continues from yesterday. This is spiritual work that takes effort and presence. It is also a time to be open to the intuitive information that comes through your dreams and your personal work.

Honor and respect your ancestors and know that they are watching out for you at this time. Today is a wonderful time to build an altar or write a letter to a deceased loved one. Whatever you choose to do, it’s important to honor the past in order to know where you’re going in the next 30 days. Once you give light and love to your ancestors, they will guide you in the right direction.

If you’re feeling lost or anxious during the solar shift, which you might be, it’s essential to add some self-care to your daily routine. Take the time to recharge your energies by focusing solely on yourself. Don’t give your time to others if your glass isn’t full.

There is a great deal of uncertainty in today’s environment. We finally feel the wheels of change begin to turn today. However, we may be rather hesitant to start rocking the boat. There are a number of factors that suggest that we won’t make the kind of progress we may be hoping for. The Moon goes void-of-course this afternoon at 1:34 PM PDT and won’t arrive in Gemini until just after midnight. The Sun arrives in Scorpio this evening, which will definitely help us to set aside some of the pervading uncertainty and indecision that we have been dealing with. However, from today’s vantage point, we can’t see exactly how the changes will play out — keeping us on the fence for a bit longer.


Today is the 295th day of 2021
60 days until the Winter Solstice
84 days until Mercury Retrograde
70 days until 2022

Sun moves into Scorpio
Moon moves into Gemini
Mercury is in Libra
Venus is in Sagittarius
Mars is in Libra
Jupiter is in Aquarius
Saturn is in Aquarius
Uranus is Rx in Taurus
Neptune is Rx in Pisces
Pluto is in Capricorn
Chiron is Rx in Aries

  • Venus is retrograde from December 19th and goes Direct on January 29th (2022) in the signs of Capricorn/Sagittarius.
  • Neptune is retrograde from June 25th until December 1st in Pisces.


OCT 28: LAST QUARTER MOON in LEO – You feel safe in moments when you can impress others and get praise and admiration. Yet, when you get into the spotlight, you may find yourself at a loss. Maybe you should admit your fear of criticism and your inability to accept criticism. It is very important to accept feedback and use it for improvement.

NOV 4: NEW MOON IN SCORPIO: Moon in Scorpio creates the need to delve into your feelings as deep as possible. You desire meaningful emotional exchanges now more than at any other time even if it is not easy and you are forced to change many things. Shallow relationships do not satisfy you, because they are not purifying enough.

NOV 11: FIRST QUARTER MOON IN AQUARIUS: Your relationship with your emotions might be more complicated, because Moon in Aquarius has a strong need for emotional freedom. However, when you are in a group of people, it is easier for you to understand your feelings and free yourself from negative emotions such as fear, anger and jealousy.

NOV 19: FULL MOON LUNAR ECLIPSE IN TAURUS (BEAVER MOON/FROST MOON): Your safety depends on the need for stability, which is not easy to satisfy now. You have to learn to accept change as part of your life. The basic problem is finding your own self-respect in order to ensure that you do not mistakenly seek it in material things. When you accept yourself for who you are, it will become easier for you to find peace and tranquility in the outside world.

NOV 27: LAST QUARTER MOON IN VIRGO: Your feeling of safety is now related to order and clarity, even in emotions. You may have the need to organise everything chaotic and disorganized. Try being more tolerant and accept imperfections of life. It is better to trust life and let it run its own way, not everything must be according to our expectations.


Are you feeling prickly and defensive lately, and assuming you will be hurt before you have seen any sign that such a reaction is called for?

Perhaps an old sense of guilt and shame is causing you to be cynical and wary when you are meant to be open and curious. Self-protection is a good thing, but you may be protecting yourself from something that will not actually harm you but instead will bring you abundance, happiness, and love.

Remember your innocence, and you will see what you have been overlooking. Porcupine quills are filled with air, allowing a porcupine to float in water. Now is a time to let your innocent nature keep you buoyant.

The numerology number 48 resonates with creative expression.

It tends to use tried and true techniques, albeit creatively tweaking the methods now and again for different results.

48 has good basic business instincts. Money and material acquisition resonate well with the number. It generally has at least some focus on developing and maintaining a secure foundation for the future.

The number 48 is especially adept with visual and auditory artistic expression — painting, sculpting, decorating, music, and so forth.

Although business oriented, 48 is even more a social number. It supports and encourages the creative expression of others. And it tends to raise the level of optimism when participating in activities of a group.

The energy the number 48 represents includes imagination, effective communication, tolerance, joyfulness, optimism, and dynamism.

The energy a number represents can be thought of as the number’s essence, its basic tone or vibration. As an overview, the essence of the number 48 is a composite containing the ideas of:

  • Creative self-expression
  • Social interaction
  • Pragmatism
  • Business
  • Inspiration
  • Conscientiousness

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