Deer Moon Astrology, 10/12/2021

The second quarter moon in Capricorn allows us to make important choices that we may have left on the back burner for some time. When the Capricorn moon squares off with the sun in Libra, we can expect to feel an internal tug that forces us to let go of the past and start anew. This will be tough, though, because the Libra sun is indecisive. However, the Capricorn moon is strong and calculating, which will help us push to cut ties with the past and move on in a healthy way, but not without some conflict and drama, unfortunately.

Mercury retrograde and Mars are both in wishy-washy Libra, which adds to the tug-of-war that’s going on in your mind and heart. Even if you don’t want to let go and move forward, Mars will push you to. But you won’t want to make the first move. The passive energy of Mars in Libra ensures that you’ll put it on the other person because you don’t want to be responsible for ending a situation or relationship. The issue is that someone has to be the responsible one and take action. The flip-flopping of accountability rests in the hands of Mercury retrograde. Even though matters might seem resolved by the end of day, there could be a reversal of fortune or decision coming soon.

Activity continues to heat up under today’s 1st Quarter Moon. Taming the impulsiveness is our biggest challenge. There is a strong desire to throw thoughtful consideration out the window entirely and move forward recklessly in order to finally show some tangible results. What may actually slow us down, however, is the nagging desire to find some kind of perfect solution. Unrealistic idealism holds us back from taking a definitive stand. In fact, this may be what keeps us from pushing too hard. Nonetheless, there is a significant amount of pressure and impatience today that is likely to keep us on edge.


Today is the 285th day of 2021
70 days until the Winter Solstice
Mercury is Retrograde in Libra
80 days until 2022

Sun is in Libra
Moon moves into Capricorn
Mercury is Rx in Libra
Venus is in Sagittarius
Mars is in Libra
Jupiter is Rx in Aquarius
Saturn is in Aquarius
Uranus is Rx in Taurus
Neptune is Rx in Pisces
Pluto is in Capricorn
Chiron is Rx in Aries

  • Mercury is retrograde from September 27th until October 18th in Libra.
  • Jupiter is retrograde from June 20th and goes Direct on October 18th in the signs of Aquarius/Capricorn.
  • Venus is retrograde from December 19th and goes Direct on January 29th (2022) in the signs of Capricorn/Sagittarius.
  • Neptune is retrograde from June 25th until December 1st in Pisces.


OCT 13: FIRST QUARTER MOON in CAPRICORN – You might have a strong need for being useful to the and you look for justification in the outside world. You may underestimate what you want from yourself and for yourself. Shyness may be accompanied by resentment of the fact that others ignore you. Do not seek approval from the outside, it will not help you get rid of your doubt and it is harmful to you. You have to trust your inner values.

The feeling of uncertainty can make you solve problems faster then is natural. Do not rush as if there was a deadline. Try to slow down so that you can decide what you want to do and proceed at your own comfortable pace.

 – You feel safe in moments when you can impress others and get praise and admiration. Yet, when you get into the spotlight, you may find yourself at a loss. Maybe you should admit your fear of criticism and your inability to accept criticism. It is very important to accept feedback and use it for improvement.


We always have the choice to press ahead, and Rhino Spirit’s strength offers you the power to break through stubborn obstacles. This animal spirit knows there is more than one way to open a path to what you seek. When Rhino Spirit appears, you are reminded that you have a marvelous ability to overcome obstacles in multiple ways—by going around them, shattering them with the force of clear deliberate intentions, or even transforming them into clouds that drift away by refusing to allow them to limit you. Apply your Rhino Spirit with creativity and no obstacle can stand, for you have magic to make and many ways in which to make it. Your power is awesome right now.

Rhino Spirit also wants to remind you that when an obstacle appears to prevent you from getting what you desire today, it means that something much better is coming. Keep that in mind when you consider the nature of the obstacle in front of you now. Great Spirit loves you so much and only wants the best for you.

The purpose of the number 50 is to promote fusion between body and soul, mind and spirit.  Life is a continuing education for the number 50, as this energy seeks to learn their real values relating to their ultimate goals and aspirations,  and learning to obey their inner feelings to ‘know thyself’.  The happy disposition of the 50 Destiny number attracts friends and good fortune and they know how to take advantage of all the blessings  —  Mentally, Physically and Spiritually. 

The focus of 50 is to attain greater stability.  The law of 5 is ‘freedom in action’, and when coupled with the vibration of the number 0, this energy is amplified.

The number 50 is masculine, introvert and relates to the star sign Leo.  The related planet is Mercury and the Tarot Card representative of the 50 / 5 vibration is the Heirophant.

The 50 Destiny number individual will have the opportunity to learn the true meaning of change in their life.  Life for the 50 / 5 energy will be filled with freedom, constant change, curiosity, adventure and un-attachment.  The 50 / 5 energy will live more, see more and experience more life experiences than any other vibration. 

The number 50 symbolizes the principle of multiplicity, progression and passion.  50 / 5 signifies the need for change, variety and new growth.  50 is the broadcaster, disseminating information and asking questions. 

The 50 vibration loves pleasure and needs to watch over-indulgence and impulsiveness.  The impulsive nature of the 50 / 5 Destiny number allows them to enter a situation, then be able to discard it just as quickly.  The 50 energy does not hold onto anything that creates monotony in their life.

50 is the number of progress and growth, for without change there is stagnation.

The 50 energy appears to be outgoing and extrovert  –  but the natural introverted energy leads them to an interest in the unknown and metaphysical studies.

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