Deer Moon Astrology, 9/28/2021

The last quarter moon in Cancer commences today. A great way to use this energy is to meditate. It can help you to decompress and remove any negativity that consumes your thoughts.

You’re absorbing a lot of extra energy now, so it’s a good idea to find an activity that allows you to shed the trauma and anxiety you feel. The moment you unwind and relax, you’ll be able to regain your peace of mind, find the strength to get through the evening hours, and sleep well for the first time in a while. You might also consider taking a healing bath to detox your aura and shed a lot of the anxieties you’ve been carrying around all day.

If you’re looking to manifest, then it’s wise to focus on self-care and activities that build up your confidence. The more you give to yourself, the better you’ll feel over time. Think of your body as a vessel of energy that needs a lot of care and love. Always put your physical, mental, and emotional needs first, above anyone else’s, to make sure you can give them the time and respect they deserve. More importantly, this can also help you gain a better connection with yourself, the most important person in your world.

Today the Moon moves from Gemini to Cancer, suggesting withdrawal or reticence to directly engage with others. We have lost yesterday’s inclination to take bold risks. We may be more inclined to try to work behind the scenes, pulling strings to manipulate others into accomplishing our desired ends. However, such machinations are unlikely to go unnoticed. In this atmosphere, exposure is especially painful. The challenge here is about assuming responsibility for our personal beliefs and being willing to act on them — even if we discover in the process that they aren’t correct. The fearlessness of an explorer is what we need in order to uncover the emotional blind spots that are creating the confusion and reticence that we find in today’s environment.


Today is the 271st day of 2021
84 days until the Winter Solstice
Mercury is Retrograde in Libra
94 days until 2022

Sun is in Libra
Moon moves into Cancer
Mercury is Rx in Libra
Venus is in Scorpio
Mars is in Libra
Jupiter is Rx in Aquarius
Saturn is Rx in Aquarius
Uranus is Rx in Taurus
Neptune is Rx in Pisces
Pluto is Rx in Capricorn
Chiron is Rx in Aries

  • Mercury is retrograde from September 27th until October 18th in Libra.
  • Jupiter is retrograde from June 20th and goes Direct on October 18th in the signs of Aquarius/Capricorn.
  • Venus is retrograde from December 19th and goes Direct on January 29th (2022) in the signs of Capricorn/Sagittarius.
  • Neptune is retrograde from June 25th until December 1st in Pisces.


Buffalo Spirit comes to you now to remind you of the amazing manifesting power of gratitude and the extraordinary potential available to you when you adopt a mind-set of abundance.

The ancient people of the Americas saw the buffalo as a symbol of abundance because the herds roamed far and wide, and provided so many gifts—the meat, the hide, the bones. The tribes who hunted the buffalo used every bit of them, wasting nothing, appreciative of the abundance.

So, too, do you have many gifts available to you. Buffalo Spirit appears to let you know that you are in a powerful time to manifest your desires—not by force or pushing but rather by following a natural path that rises up before you, trusting that there is always plenty to go around. Whether it be love, money, inspiration, or support, it’s all there for you to claim.

When you are grateful, you immediately align yourself with the truth that the world is rich and teeming with resources. There is always more than enough, and you are always enough.

At this time, you can expect all your intentions and needs to come into a form that is right for you. Your heartfelt gratitude is making you a magnet for miracles. Buffalo Spirit’s message is to remember that you co-create your reality in partnership with Spirit, so offer up your thanks and your prayers, even before you see conditions you desire—not just for yourself, but for others too—then you will quickly see the results in tangible ways.

Gratitude has the magic to grow the good, so offer thanks and praise as you acknowledge all that you have and all that is possible.

The number 10/1 brings all sorts of new changes into your life, and there seems to be an element of luck within those energies. Through this vibration you have the insight to recognize and understand the needs of humanity, and the ability to bring peace and harmony to all.

Number 10 resonates with the vibrations and energies of leadership, optimism, confidence, independence, creative powers, success, energy, originality, adaptability, determination and individuality, leadership, confidence, optimism, energy, independence, creative power and every, success, original, adaptable, individualization, determination.

Number 10 is the symbol of Love and Light.  It creates all that can be imagined and contains the code, image and ordain.  Image it and it shall be, ordain it and it will materialize. It is a number of ‘rise and fall’ according to the action/s chosen by the person.

The power of manifesting creative concepts into reality is inherent, but this power needs to be used with wisdom, since the power for absolute creation contains the polarity power for absolute destruction. Self-discipline and infinite compassion must accompany the gift of the former in order to avoid the tragedy of the latter.

Discipline must proceed dominion. Unfortunately for some number 10 people, they fail to realize their power potential and consequently harbor deep-seated feelings of frustration, causing them to feel unfulfilled. This then causes them to occasionally behave in a somewhat proud and arrogant manner to cover their unnecessary feelings of inferiority.

10 represents the point of conversion when people see themselves as upright beings. At this time, hopefully, they have learned to handle all the powers of leadership and judgement.

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