WEDNESDAY, 8/11/2021

The Virgo moon shares a supportive aspect to transformative Pluto this morning, allowing us all to release any stress, tension, or drama that may have manifested over the last couple of days. This energy is also great for knocking things off your to-do list, so try to be proactive when it comes to taking care of business.

The morning is busy as we all hustle to handle our responsibilities, but a big shift occurs when the moon changes signs into harmonious Libra this afternoon. Your stress level will begin to lighten under this lunar placement, so try to engage with activities that help you feel relaxed.

Only a short time later, Mercury moves into efficient Virgo, keeping our minds focused on work, though emotionally we know to honor the importance of taking breaks and investing in self-care. Your work/life balance can benefit from this cosmic climate, but only if you give yourself permission to unwind and take things a bit easier.

If you’ve been contending with relationship drama recently, a helpful connection between sweet Venus and Pluto can help you wipe the slate clean and move forward toward happiness. People are in the mood to get along right now, which means if you need to apologize for something, now is the time. Love is in the air tonight, be sure to lean into it!

The Moon is void-of-course for the early part of the day today, from 4:21 AM PDT until 1:07 PM PDT. The Moon’s arrival in Libra is followed closely by Mercury’s entrance into Virgo. We find new ways to integrate practical elements of cooperation with individual vision or perspective — a merging of elements that is extraordinarily powerful and productive. Intuition guides this process in ways that may seem almost magical in the way things begin to fall into place spontaneously. Any rebelliousness softens but so, too, does the demand for rigid accountability and practicality. In essence, persistence and consistency of purpose pays off today in spectacular ways


Today is the 223rd day of 2021
42 days until the Autumn Equinox
48 days until Mercury Retrograde
143 days until 2022

Sun is in Leo
Moon is in Virgo
Mercury is in Leo
Venus is in Virgo
Mars is in Virgo
Jupiter is Rx in Aquarius
Saturn is Rx in Aquarius
Uranus is in Taurus
Neptune is Rx in Pisces
Pluto is Rx in Capricorn
Chiron is Rx in Aries

  • The FULL MOON occurs on August 22nd in the sign of Aquarius, known as the Sturgeon Moon.
  • Jupiter is retrograde from June 20th and goes Direct on October 18th in the signs of Aquarius/Capricorn.
  • Venus is retrograde from December 19th and goes Direct on January 29th (2022) in the signs of Capricorn/Sagittarius.
  • Neptune is retrograde from June 25th until December 1, 2021, in Pisces.
  • Mercury is retrograde from September 27 until October 18 in Libra.


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