Deer Moon Astrology, 7/13/2021

Today, Mercury in Cancer links up with Jupiter retrograde in Pisces. This is a serendipitous aspect that yields positive energy. Your mind could look for ways to expand during this time, but don’t get frustrated if the outside world has a hard time catching up with you.

Toward the end of the day, your focus shifts to how you’ve changed throughout your life and what you want your future self to look like. The energy might get heavy from time to time, but as long as you can release the things that are holding you back, you can come out of this day on top.

ou might also find yourself in a creative or expressive funk early in the day. You could be in the mood to put yourself out there, but you might not always receive the validation you seek. After some hits and misses when it comes to making your thoughts known, you could decide to take some time out to rethink your strategy and recharge.

You might feel more like spending time alone at home than being social. Just don’t hide away all day. Too much time spent alone can be emotionally intense for even the most solitary person. Check in with friends for a few minutes if you can. 

The Moon goes void-of-course early this morning, at 5:28 AM PDT and won’t arrive in Virgo until early tomorrow morning. Mercury’s trine to Jupiter boosts optimism to inspirational levels but we should guard against placing too much weight on any commitments we seem to gain from higher ups. The philosophical exploration and optimism could lead some to make commitments they can’t realistically support. Our inspiration and optimism will need to be merged with realistic plans and methodical effort. The need to shore up foundational support should not be ignored.


Today is the 192nd day of 2021
73 days until the Autumn Equinox
78 days until Mercury Retrograde
173 days until 2022

Sun is in Cancer
Moon is Waxing Crescent in Leo
Mercury is in Cancer
Venus is in Leo
Mars is in Leo
Jupiter is Rx in Pisces
Saturn is Rx in Aquarius
Uranus is in Taurus
Neptune is Rx in Pisces
Pluto is Rx in Capricorn
Chiron is in Aries

  • The Full Moon will occur on 7/24/2021 in the sign of Aquarius.
  • Jupiter is retrograde from June 20th and goes Direct on October 18th in the signs of Aquarius/Capricorn.
  • Venus is retrograde from December 19th and goes Direct on January 29th (2022) in the signs of Capricorn/Sagittarius.
  • Neptune is retrograde from June 25th until December 1, 2021, in Pisces.
  • Mercury is retrograde from September 27 until October 18 in Libra.


Serving us today is the Page of Pentacles, studious, creative and productive. She takes an idea and can give it form, she can mold things into shape and being. She brings good tidings and messages of financial improvements, windfalls and gains.

She is the young woman of the hour. And I’m delighted. All your hard efforts over recent days and weeks look to be paying off now with requests for work, recognition and financial gains, albeit small ones.

You have to begin somewhere and the Princess of Pentacles is helping you up the ladder. She is showing you that despite everything, you have the power to make this happen for yourself through your own efforts. Success comes to the those who work for it and she’s showing you that success is coming to you.

Keep up the good work and enjoy the rewards the Page of Pentacles is bringing, but remember, this is just first base. To get to second base, you gotta work even harder. I did say she was studious….

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