Deer Moon Astrology 5/13/2021

Jupiter enters Pisces today, making work, love, and money feel extra abundant. Work can get hot and heavy when Jupiter begins to swim through Pisces. You might get additional projects from your boss that stress your workload, but you can handle it! Just envision the beautiful raise coming your way, as well as the career fame and recognition you deserve.  Although Pisces can sometimes drift into escapism or encourage dreamy fantasies, this environment emphasizes the intuitive vision and compassionate insights of Pisces. In fact, today’s shift in incredibly powerful, providing potent, tangible evidence of the power of spiritual wisdom and principles. Although we are capable of presenting proofs, the need for proof is less of a concern. We can begin to see the merging of conflicting beliefs into common purposes and shared vision. Over time, we will recognize more about how today’s shift has begun to inform entirely new approaches that promise significant progress.

The yearly Jupiter shift can help to cement your status at the office. As Jupiter glides into Pisces, we can see partnerships growing and evolving.

Although intuition and emotions allow you to seek comfort with others, it’s also essential for you to lean into the physical side of love with a spiritual twist, whether through meditation, tantra, yoga, or even plain old TLC. You are experiencing growth and abundance from within, which will elevate your emotional and core beliefs and allow you to feel more connected with yourself. It’s a wonderful time for you to practice self-care. Taking care of yourself is important and allows you to find peace within.

Mostly, this transit can have a major effect on your finances. You might feel like no matter how hard you try, you’re always a day late and a dollar short. The lesson to be learned here is that you can rise above the material world and create the vibe you desire. This Jupiter transit can teach you major lessons about confidence as you learn about who you are and what you want to create for the world and yourself.


Today is the 133rd day of 2021
38 days until the summer solstice
16 days until Mercury Retrograde
232 days until 2022

Sun is in Taurus
Moon is Waxing Crescent* in Gemini
Mercury is in Gemini
Venus is in Gemini
Mars is in Cancer
Jupiter enters Pisces
Saturn is in Aquarius
Uranus is in Taurus
Neptune is in Pisces
Pluto is Rx in Capricorn
Chiron is in Aries

*The Waxing Crescent is an intermediate phase of the Moon, which starts after the New Moon and lasts until the First Quarter. In this phase, the Moon’s light begins to increase from 0.1% to 49.9%. Even though it is not a major phase, it lasts longer, about 21.6% of the lunar month.

  • Mercury is retrograde from May 29th and goes Direct on June 22nd in the signs of Gemini/Taurus
  • Jupiter is retrograde from June 20th and goes Direct on October 18th in the signs of Aquarius/Capricorn
  • Venus is retrograde from December 19th and goes Direct on January 29th (2022) in the signs of Capricorn/Sagittarius
  • Saturn is retrograde from May 23rd and goes Direct on October 11th in the sign of Capricorn


Wisdom of the Oracle by Colette Baron-Reid

Essential meanings: Receiving help; delegating authority; interdependence.

The Oracle’s Message: You’ve come to a point where going it alone is no longer optimal for you. Life has a way of presenting you with the perfect people to align with who can give you a leg up during this next phase of your journey. Help comes to you in all the areas of your life where you need a boost. The trick is to accept that aid so freely given. When you embrace interdependence, allowing teamwork and independence to commingle, miracles happen. Now is such a time.

Relationship message: Relationships that are healthy thrive on interdependence. It’s important to recognize that you need others as much as they need you. You must allow people to support you, just as you are there for them. This is a time to be vulnerable, to speak up about your needs, and to ask for them to be met. Trust. You will be met with kindness and love. Don’t expect others to read your mind though. Ask and it is given.

Prosperity message: Now is the perfect time to seek advice from a mentor or business advisor who has been where you want to go—to help you get there, too. If you do, you will receive very good counsel that will aid in your prosperity. It may also be the case that your endeavors have grown, and you are in a position where you just can’t do it all yourself anymore. Time to bring on those who can give you a leg up! Trust that help is available and it will indeed appear. Delegate authority to others so you can take steps toward your big dream. The perfect people will arrive at the perfect time so long as you step forward with even a mustard seed of trust and faith!

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