Deer Moon Astrology 4/7/2021

The Moon is void-of-course from early this morning until early afternoon (3:04 AM until 1:34 PM PDT). Once the Moon arrives in Pisces, intuition begins to blend with the heightened intellectual activity, providing some help and a soothing balm to yesterday’s potential overload. We have more capacity to set goals and balance conflicting interests or approaches. The Sun’s conjunction with Ceres encourages some much-needed practicality and a more gentle touch in dealing with conflicts. Even so, we are far more inclined to stay focused on doing our own thing instead of worrying about any one else’s issues.

The Aquarius moon cuddles up to Jupiter in the early hours today, which could create a burst of morning inspiration and vivid dreams. Take some time to journal after you wake up, if you can, because this energy loves to play with new thoughts and ideas. The vibe here is super uplifting, but it can lead to overstimulation if you’re not careful, so remember to ground yourself and stay present in your body.

Things should level out by the afternoon, but your quirky side might want to come out and play. Give yourself permission to be unapologetically you right now. The universe will love you for it!

Our gears shift this afternoon when the moon moves into emotional, compassionate Pisces. Your sensitive side could be supercharged over the next two days, so do your best to practice psychic self-defense, and don’t let others take advantage of your kind disposition. Luckily, this lunar placement also brings an abundance of healing energy to dissolve our cares away.

Stay on top of your priorities for the remainder of the workday, but when you get home your focus should be only on relaxation. Give yourself permission to escape the real world and melt into an evening of calm. This evening could bring about psychic dreams, so keep a pen and paper next to your bed in case you want to document your encounters in the astral realm when you wake up. 


In nature, the koala moves slowly through the branches of the eucalyptus tree, leisurely chewing the leaves, reminding us that life is not a race or competition.

Chasing around after every distraction can keep us from recognizing that we have all we need and that Spirit will always be there with gifts to sustain us. You are being asked to trust that by moving slowly, with faith in the abundance that is everywhere, surrendering to a power greater than yourself, you will be able to experience the manifestation of your desire.

As you take your time enjoying the riches available to you right now, sitting peacefully, you begin to radiate the joy and abundance you seek. Spirit is here to help you discover happiness, pleasure, and contentment—all gifts that are yours now and in the future. Have faith and trust in Spirit’s plan for you, and know that you are loved and cherished.

Koala Bear Medicine connects to the Earth Element. When Koalas have young, they burrow in the dirt while the baby is safe in a pouch. Koala Bears are marsupials that embody a natural maternal nature. The children stay close to the Mother Koala. The pouch of Koala Mom represents life-giving energy, just as the Earth sustains all that lives. While people think of Koala as reaching high into the trees, the Earthly connections the creature has remains powerful. Myths suggest it was Koala who used clay to bring Wisdom to early humans. People are also fortunate, having learned the art of tree-climbing from Koala’s Teachings.

Perhaps one of the most important aspects of Koala Bears is that they remember the time-before-time. They carry a genetic memory of primeval ancestors and mysteries. To this day, Koala climbs toward the heavens, watching and waiting for the sacred Ancients’ return. From this vantage point, they protect the self while honoring nature.

As Koala evolved, they turned toward the trees more readily to adapt to environmental changes. In nearly all esoteric symbolism, trees are a bridge between the Earth Mother and the Sky Father; this makes Koala a walker between worlds, bearing Wisdom from the Heavens when they return from their journey.


Today is the 97th day of 2021
74 days until the summer solstice
52 days until Mercury Retrograde
268 days until 2022

Sun is in Aries
Moon is WANING CRESCENT in Aquarius
New Moon occurs on April 12th in Aries
Mercury is in Aries
Venus is in Aries
Mars is in Gemini
Jupiter is in Aquarius
Saturn is in Aquarius
Uranus is in Taurus
Neptune is in Pisces
Pluto is in Capricorn
Chiron is in Aries

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