Deer Moon Astrology 3/5/2021

We are inclined to push a bit too hard today, creating some chaos that drains our energy reserves and our patience. The Moon’s conjunction with the South Node as it squares the Sun this afternoon brings rash or reckless outbursts. The subsequent Moon-Neptune square has us even more off-balance in the evening. Some of today’s discomfort may be the result of yesterday’s over-optimism but an impulsive, sharp-tongued approach could create even more trouble. Most likely, we’re growing impatient with the pace of change. While we may be aware that there are major changes underway — and also necessary — the restrictions continue to slow down the pace. If we can quiet our minds enough, we will likely find small elements that need to be sorted out. In other words, there are probably reasons for the slow downs, even though it makes us uncomfortable.

There’s a moon-Saturn sextile this morning, so you’re likely to feel more vigilant, with a desire to protect your loved ones just a little more than usual. Making sure everyone is safe and well fed will be your top priority, and you won’t enjoy spending time away from the people closest to you. However, you will be able to carry out your responsibilities without any issue if you remember who you’re doing it for.

When the moon squares Venus later in the morning, you’ll be even less inclined to stay on task and more in need of affection, with a desire to escape to friends and fun. It’s definitely a good day to put away your credit cards, because impulsive spending or another bad habit is likely to be an issue today.

This is emphasized by the half-moon in Sagittarius, which can cause us to behave impulsively and almost recklessly. There is a deep-seated need for adventure, and you’re likely to go to any lengths to find it. The tendency to express yourself is strong with this transit as well, so everyone could be brimming with mischievous ideas and competing for the floor. Nobody is likely to be making a lot of plans tonight because everyone will be focused on living in the moment. Just try not to get in too much trouble if you do blow off a little steam.


Today is the 64th day of 2021
15 days until spring equinox
85 days until Mercury Retrograde
304 days until 2022

Sun is in Pisces
Moon is in Sagittarius
Mercury is in Aquarius
Venus is in Pisces
Mars is in Gemini
Jupiter is in Aquarius
Saturn is in Aquarius
Uranus is in Taurus
Neptune is in Pisces
Pluto is in Capricorn
Chiron is in Aries

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