Deer Moon Astrology 11/30/2020

The broad perspective offered by this morning’s Gemini Full Moon (1:29 AM 8° Gemini/Sagittarius) may not be fully appreciated by many of us. The solutions we see cannot be forced on those who are too blind to see. As our awareness grows, our path narrows — recklessness is quickly corralled. Although our freedom may also seem to be curtailed, there are great honors offered to those who shoulder the obvious responsibilities that are demanded. Perhaps the greatest challenge (with the biggest payoff) is to show compassion to those who can’t understand what has been offered or fully appreciate the need for responsibility. Patience and timing is powerful but those who receive the rewards may appear to only be lucky.

THE WEEK AHEAD: This week’s Gemini Full Moon (1:29 AM 8° Gemini/Sagittarius) on Monday offers broad perspectives and sheds light on important information. However, not everyone will come to the same conclusions or appreciate the expanded perspectives that are offered. Nonetheless, as our awareness grows, our path narrows. Optimism is only valuable if we have a clear view of the facts — reality. Responsibility is demanded. As our perspective broadens, the sense of responsibility may only feel like an enormous burden. However, such burdens offer spectacular rewards if we manage to employ patience and timing to offer compassion and understanding to those whose perspectives we struggle to understand. We begin to feel the looming Jupiter-Saturn conjunction this week, which will not fully reach perfection until the Winter Solstice (December 21st) in the sign of Aquarius. Under the waning lunar cycle, we are rewarded by expanding our understanding and compassion for the choices, decisions, and assessments made by others. When we acknowledge different perspectives, our own perspective is expanded — whether or not we are willing to agree with the choices. It is through the willingness to understand that we find the rewards. As our perspective broadens, we gain important tools and opportunities to strengthen friendships and stabilize alliances which we will need when we face the tests and challenges of the Jupiter-Saturn conjunction in Aquarius and the subsequent squares of both next year to Uranus in Taurus. In essence, this week’s expanding perspectives offer us one more opportunity to prepare for the challenges to be faced next year. We must somehow find a way to gain ‘Big Picture’ understanding. This week is teaching us that we can only achieve that big picture perspective by recognizing the differing perspectives of others — beginning with those closest to us.

Optimism helps to keep us focused on Sunday, despite a myriad of distractions and noise. The hope is that we gain some glimpse of the big picture. The broad perspective offered by Monday’s Gemini Full Moon may not be readily apparent to everyone. We can’t force solutions on people who refuse to see or understand what is placed before them. Mercury arrives in Sagittarius on Tuesday, increasing our capacity to see an even bigger picture. However, we should not be fooled into thinking that the pressure has disappeared. Wednesday is the day to get down to business and begin to explore the perspectives of others while keeping ego concerns out of the picture. We don’t need to chase down distractions to find deeper understanding. Compassionate understanding and sensitivity opens the door to further broadening our perspective on Thursday. The energized atmosphere on Friday puts our expanded perspective to the test. We should only try to offer help to others if we are sure that we fully understand their needs. Our expanded perspectives come with an increased sense of responsibility on Saturday and may increasingly feel like an extraordinary burden. However, the increased awareness will offer broad rewards in the very near future.


Today is the 335th day of 2020
61 days until Mercury retrograde
21 days until the winter solstice
31 days until 2021

Sun is in Sagittarius
Moon is in Gemini
Mercury is in Scorpio
Venus is in Scorpio
Mars is in Aries
Jupiter is in Capricorn
Saturn is in Capricorn
Uranus is retrograde in Taurus
Neptune is in Pisces
Pluto is in Capricorn
Chiron is retrograde in Aries

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