Deer Moon Astrology 11/5/2020

An amazingly broad and philosophical perspective emerges today, in a smooth and free-flowing environment. Many of us seem to gain the necessary self-discipline to methodically begin to articulate the insights we have gained from the retrograde Mercury period that we are now emerging from. The importance of today’s discussions should not be underestimated. Awareness begins to expand — slowly — though flashes of insight and well-grounded intuition. Sparks fly today, as the Moon moves into squares to Venus and Mars. Nonetheless, through whatever conflicts that are highlighted we begin to understand a new perspective. We awaken to new sense of cooperation that does not demand that we abandon ourselves or our own perspectives.

Slow it down with today’s watery influences! It’s not a race right now; it’s a marathon for you to do you and soak in the healing. The Scorpio sun isn’t playing at all, and it requires you to make your mental health an absolute priority.

As Mercury is finally out of its retrograde phase, communication moves forward. You might finally receive those e-mails you’ve been waiting for!

As the trickster planet continues to transit through the sign of Libra, the developing square with Saturn in earthy Capricorn really does keep getting your goat. There is an interplay between power and authority that just doesn’t seem to let up. Bosses and colleagues might even try some moves that leave you shaking your head.

Personal relationships are going to have to compromise in some way. You can’t take on everything yourself even as the waning gibbous moon in emotional Cancer feels all the feels and wants others to be happy. Try not to give up your own sense of peace for someone else. That isn’t going to remedy any snags or situations along the way. Sweeping things under the rug never served the greater purpose, but with Venus also transiting romantic Libra, this is a temptation for many.


Today is the 310th day of 2020
86 days until Mercury retrograde
46 days until the winter solstice
56 days until 2021

Sun is in Scorpio
Moon is in Cancer
Mercury is in Libra
Venus is in Libra
Mars is retrograde in Aries
Jupiter is in Capricorn
Saturn is in Capricorn
Uranus is retrograde in Taurus
Neptune is retrograde in Pisces
Pluto is in Capricorn
Chiron is retrograde in Aries

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