Deer Moon Astrology 10/5/2020

The Moon goes void-of-course late this morning at 11:40 AM PDT after making a trine to Saturn, which should help us to stay on track until the Moon arrives in Gemini this evening at 9:02 PM PDT. Despite the building intensity, we should not expect any quick progress or important resolutions today. Following through on tasks that we have already begun may offer some incremental progress — not completion.

Being open to the chill vibes of the void-of-course moon will help your dreams come true!

Today’s aspects bring a full chapter reset, starting with a waning gibbous moon in the dedicated sign of Taurus. It takes you to a deeper realm of tapping into your emotional needs and wants. It’s not about what you were taught at a young age at all! Instead, you’re finding the solutions on your own and putting the energy out there to manifest a long-awaited reality. For many who have been working so hard to achieve their goals, these transits are when people around you can act more selfishly than normal. It’s a good time to bet on yourself before anything or anyone else.

The day seems to flip the script with a long void-of-course moon that asks us all to step back from our daily tasks and take time for some careful contemplation.

The moon doesn’t enter the chatty sign of Gemini until later, so this is the plan for the rest of the day. Getting what you need to get done before the lunar waves pull back is the most helpful course of action you can take. If you try to start something new tonight, you’ll feel like you’re running in circles with no end in sight.

Some practical plans to take into account today are major self-care activities to help boost your incredible aura. Working with your subconscious can cause memories to surface through your mind as well. This is a profound day for psychic developments in general, so get those crystals out, set up your meditation pillow, and let yourself be open to whatever comes up.

THE WEEK AHEAD: Pluto stations direct at the beginning of this week, just in time to square off with Mars for the second time (out of 3 Mars-Pluto squares). Pluto’s direct station helps us to recognize the power of our individual ability to create change. However, with Mars in the mix emotions are running especially high and the intensity may have us demanding more change than we have the power to effect all at once. At some points this week, we may be tempted to take the battle under cover avoiding direct assaults, and possibly using deceit or subterfuge. We are likely to be extremely hesitant to compromise and sensitive to any price we pay for giving up our principles or setting aside parts of our overall vision. For some, this week’s subtle, behind the scenes machinations may be quite powerful and achieve extraordinary — albeit incremental — progress. However, we will need to be extremely careful to check our motivations and intentions. The tendency for wishful, or magical thinking is also in this atmosphere and we could easily take ourselves down a slippery slope of self-deception, believing that we have the right answers when we don’t even know the right questions. Venus in Virgo may keep us looking for some kind of perfection (that we can never achieve) instead of recognizing the importance of following through on the process. The challenges of personal interactions may often keep our focus too narrow and blind us to the importance of big picture goals. We should try to remember that the Spiritual Warrior (the retrograding Mars) is continuing to encourage us to review our personal goals and desires — not achieve grand outcomes. Essentially, this week is about recognizing our power to effect change and not necessarily putting everything together, putting a bow on it, and brilliantly showing it off. By the end of the week, Saturn takes center stage, enforcing some semblance of procedure, propriety and protocol. Although this may seem entirely too restrictive for some of us, the increased stability allows us to be more comfortable taking our independent stances out in the open rather than trying to keep working in the shadows. Ultimately, this will make important and productive compromises more attainable.

There are tempting side roads to avoid on Sunday. We may be tempted to rely more on the abilities of others than to trust our own abilities. A void-of-course Moon today may keep completion of our goals at bay but we should stay with any tasks that we have already begun. Tuesday’s Gemini Moon creates some nervous restlessness as Mars approaches the square to Pluto. We should take time to consider any commitments thoroughly. Balancing self-importance with self-devaluation is a challenge on Wednesday. Personal self-respect will help us to allow room for others to have their own opinion. We may try to take our battle behind the scenes on Thursday. Some may be successful but we should check our motivations and intentions carefully. The strong intensity of the Mars-Pluto square peaks on Friday. We become a bit more comfortable openly taking an independent stand. Orderly procedure is demanded on Saturday. Some may be uncomfortable with the restrictions but others will enjoy an increased sense of stability.


Today is the 279th of 2020
77 days until winter solstice
09 days until Mercury retrograde
878 days until 2021

Sun is in Libra
Moon is in Taurus
Mercury is in Scorpio
Venus is in Virgo
Mars is retrograde in Aries
Jupiter is in Capricorn
Saturn is in Capricorn
Uranus is retrograde in Taurus
Neptune is retrograde Pisces
Pluto is in Capricorn
Chiron is retrograde in Aries

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