Deer Moon Astrology 8/17/2020


Mercury has raced through Leo and finally catches the Sun this morning, in a Superior Conjunction that offers a shower of promising gifts. However, ego, pride, and excess will pull us up short if we aren’t able to find humility and gratitude to demonstrate our understanding of the role of Grace in the rewards of our faith. Today’s Leo Moon, ahead of tomorrow evening’s New Moon (7:41 PM PDT 26° Leo) may have us feeling foolishly cocky and prideful, with little underlying basis for our pride. While the New Moon may give us increased confidence, Mercury’s entrance into Virgo on Wednesday will begin to increase the demands for accountability.

The moon begins its journey in Leo today, reinvigorating energy levels and giving us the gumption to take on the workweek. It’s okay to be a little superficial this morning. Investing extra effort in your appearance will help you feel better prepared to handle the day.

A trine between the moon and Chiron gives you additional pep in your step, and you’ll feel motivated to tackle new projects and assume a leadership role. A desire to run the show will be strong today and should be well received by your colleagues.

Today’s trine between Mars and Mercury results in positive responses when people feel as though they’re being listened to and heard, and anything outside of that could spell drama. Bring your A-game today, and watch the rest fall into place!

However, a square between the moon and Uranus tells a different tale as we head into the evening. As you finish up your work for the day, remember to switch gears back into neutral, because it’s unlikely that the people in your personal relationships will appreciate you calling the shots. Be mindful of the wants and needs of those around you tonight, and remember to be cooperative and collaborative when it comes to mundane matters like what to eat for dinner or watch before bed.

THE WEEK AHEAD: Creative, intellectual energy is stirring all week and given a tremendous boost of confidence by Tuesday’s Leo New Moon (7:41 PM PDT 26° Leo). The Fire trine to Mars in Aries imbues active independence to the will-power driven Leo Sun and Moon. However, the quincunx to Saturn demands that we make accommodations for rules, regulations, and restrictions or face significant consequences. The forming Mars-Saturn square adds tremendous, independent drive but also a cautious concern — a stop-start, obsessive-compulsive challenge to be sure. (The first of three Mars-Saturn squares will culminate next week.) Venus has settled comfortably into Cancer, which soothes some of the potential frustration. Nonetheless, the early part of the week may see some foolishly cocky and prideful displays, along with an overpowering concern over how we appear to others. Once Mercury arrives in Virgo on Wednesday, most of the ego-driven disruptions dissipate. We can more easily recognize the need for a thorough, meticulous inventory of exactly where we stand. From such an inventory, we can begin to make plans and adopt strategies that can move us forward. Pragmatism replaces pride. Even so, the independent energy may continue to disrupt cooperation if we find ourselves feeling too hemmed in by the restricting demands of Saturn. By the end of the week, the Sun leaves the brilliance of Leo for the pragmatism of Virgo. The creative, intellectual energy remains, however, supported by the forming trine of Venus to Neptune. Our confidence stabilizes as we begin to recognize a practical path forward. Pragmatism replaces pride.

The extra creative energy that we feel on Sunday needs to be channeled sensitively in order to avoid being wasted. Too tight of a controlling grip may leave us flailing or lethargic. Mercury conjuncts the Sun in a Superior Conjunction on Monday, offering a shower of promising gifts. However, pride and excess will pull us up short. Tuesday’s New Moon provides a tremendous boost of confidence, but too much pride or arrogance will continue to be our downfall if we aren’t self-disciplined enough to recognize the element of Grace that is carrying us forward. Mercury arrives in Virgo on Wednesday, encouraging us to roll up our sleeves and take stock of exactly where we are. The Moon’s opposition to Neptune on Thursday provides creative bursts of insight that are well-grounded. Our imagination is stirred. Spontaneous and lively interactions feed our confidence on Friday. Appreciation is easier and prideful boasts seem less necessary. The Sun arrives in Virgo on Saturday, further stabilizing our confidence and instilling an extra dose of pragmatism. Steady effort is encouraged by steady progress.


Today is the 230th day of 2020
36 days until the autumn equinox
58 days until Mercury retrograde
136 days until 2021

Sun is in Leo
Moon is in Leo
Mercury is in Leo
Venus moves into Cancer
Mars is in Aries
Jupiter is retrograde in Capricorn
Saturn is retrograde Capricorn
Uranus is retrograde in Taurus
Neptune is retrograde Pisces
Pluto is retrograde in Capricorn
Chiron is retrograde in Aries

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