Astrodienst August 2020 Forecast


Image: LeoThe first half of August brings a tense and restless time. The proud Leo Sun forms a square to Uranus on August 2. Venus and the Moon’s Node in Gemini are exactly at the midpoint of this square. In addition, on August 3, at Full Moon, Mercury makes an opposition to Saturn in Capricorn and Mars forms a square with Jupiter in Capricorn. It takes a lot of strength to bear this tension. Where impatience and frustration have become too great, eruptive discharges can be expected. For courageous and creative people, however, it can be a very productive time in which inner and outer limitations can be overcome. Be aware that you may encounter obstacles, as this time is still under the influence of the Saturn-Pluto conjunction. Communicate clearly and distinctly when you extend or cross boundaries. You may otherwise face strong resistance.

This is especially true towards the middle of the month when the influence of Mars becomes more noticeable. It stands ready to act in its domicile in Aries. From August 10, it forms a conjunction with Lilith and a square to Pluto, which is exact on August 13. At about the time of the Mars-Lilith conjunction, Mercury is squaring Uranus. Controversy is in the air, and many a one might be tempted to go into battle for “their cause”. However, the vision is blurred these days, and there is a danger that misjudgment of a situation could lead to impulsive and uncontrolled actions that add to the general chaos.

Image: VirgoMercury enters Virgo on August 20, the Sun follows on August 22, and now what has been in disarray over the last few days must be cleaned up. Enthusiasm will be rather subdued, since under the square of Mars and Saturn (on August 24) some degree of defiant unwillingness can be expected. Nevertheless, it is advisable to approach the necessary work patiently in order to create some breathing space for the beautiful things in life. For this is what the opposition of Venus and Jupiter promises us on August 26, with a trine from Venus to Neptune (on August 27). This could be a short but valuable respite. Treat yourself to what is good for you and recharge your batteries during this time. Be uninhibitedly romantic for a while, and enjoy passionate moments when, on August 30, Venus is in opposition to Pluto.