Deer Moon Astrology 7/10/2020

boy with a little moon in his hands

“Our imagination flies — we are its shadow on the earth.”

 Vladimir Nabokov

Your slumber was likely very peaceful due to the sun-moon trine aspect early this morning creating a general feeling of ease over matters at home. If your dreams were full of tales of intrigue, you can thank the moon-Neptune conjunction, which lends itself to a wild and active imagination.

When the moon sextiles Jupiter later in the morning, you have balance and a sense of openness in social situations and a willingness to give of your time and energy. This lasts throughout most of the day.

Be careful not to overreact, overthink, overeat, or over-talk later when Venus sextiles Chiron. You might also have to bite your tongue if you think of the perfect insult about someone who’s getting on your nerves.

The moon sextiles Saturn when the day is winding down, making us feel protective about the ones we love best. Not only will you tend to make space for loved ones, but you’ll likely be willing to go to bat for them as well.

If we took too much for granted yesterday, we may find ourselves at loose ends today. However, even with some early missteps, we should find plenty of opportunities to regain our balance today. We find extraordinary opportunities to build cooperation, collaboration, and even community today. There are marvelous opportunities to build trust through compassion and understanding. These are not opportunities that can be forced through directives and demands but rather, through honesty, shared experiences, and a willingness to listen to the perspectives of others. We are coming out of the challenges of the past retrograde Venus, which fostered plenty of distrust and miscommunication. Venus is now direct and Mercury will turn direct on Sunday, allowing us to heal some of the wounds we may have felt under those influences.


Today is the 192nd day of 2020
74 days to the autumn equinox
2 days until Mercury stations Direct
175 days until 2021

Sun is in Cancer
Moon is in Pisces
Mercury is retrograde in Cancer
Venus is in Gemini
Mars is in Aries
Jupiter is retrograde in Capricorn
Saturn is retrograde Capricorn
Uranus is in Taurus
Neptune is retrograde Pisces
Pluto is retrograde in Capricorn
Chiron is in Aries

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