Deer Moon Astrology 7/3/2020


“The unusual thing about quiet is that when you seek it, it is almost impossible to achieve. When you strive for quiet, you become impatient, and impatience is itself a noiseless noise. You can block every superficial sound, but, with each new layer extinguished, a next rises up, finer and more entrapping, until you arrive at last in the infinite attitude of your own riotous mind. Inside is where all the memories last like wells, and the unspoken wishes like golden buds, and the pain that you keep, lingering and implicit, staying inside, nesting inside, articulating, articulating, through to the day you die.”

Hilary Thayer Hamann, Anthropology of an American Girl

The Moon is void-of-course for most of the day today, from 6:05 AM PDT until 9:47 PM PDT. There is little direction offered, leaving a great deal of room for unproductive impatience. The danger here is really a single-minded determination that encourages us to push too hard. Where we find the most productive effect is something like a creative contemplation that leaves us open to the discovery of simple solutions to complicated problems. The value of simple practicality may not be recognized until the Moon arrives in Capricorn, late in the evening. However, we should be very careful to stay focused on what is safely practical in the moment, rather than seek safety in the old structures and traditions that are no longer relevant.

You could feel like you’re in a daze or walking through Wonderland when the moon squares Neptune this morning. With this kind of ethereal energy bouncing around you, it’s best not to make any important decisions if at all possible. The best thing for today is to not be too hasty when making decisions because many of the ideas you entertain will be shifting throughout the day.

It’s a wonderful day for sleeping in just as late as you like, if you’re able to, entertaining yourself with wild fantasies and preoccupying yourself with creativity in arts of all shapes and sizes.

Because of that transit, you could possibly also feel much more emotional than you’re used to, but that should ease by the very end of the day, as the moon moves into Capricorn tonight. To avoid getting overly emotional, try to keep yourself as occupied as you possibly can. You should be too well entertained to get distracted.


Today is the 185th day of 2020
81 days to the autumn equinox
9 days until Mercury stations Direct
182 days until 2021

Sun is in Cancer
Moon is in Sagittarius
Mercury is Retrograde in Cancer
Venus is in Gemini
Mars is in Aries
Jupiter is retrograde in Capricorn
Saturn is retrograde Capricorn
Uranus is in Taurus
Neptune is retrograde Pisces
Pluto is Retrograde in Capricorn
Chiron is in Aries

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