Deer Moon Astrology 6/11/2020


“It’s a cruel and random world, but the chaos is all so beautiful.”

Hiromu Arakawa

The general lack of clarity that we have been dealing with for most of this year reaches new heights today under the Pisces Moon and the Sun’s square to Neptune. Wrapped up with the lack of clarity has been the general lack of clear direction. Nonetheless, while these mutable squares feel very much like chaos, there is something like an underlying ‘Universal Purpose that promises resolutions at the end of the process — even if that process is frustratingly unclear. The tension is what seems most apparent but it is all a part of the heightened activity aimed at creative experimentation and collaboration.

After all the buzz of the Aquarius moon, the moon ingresses Pisces this morning, followed by the sun’s square to Neptune, and the mood shifts from cerebral to emotional, imaginative, and dreamlike.

You’re feeling all the feels, and things could get confusing. But rather than project the energy outward, move inward to find clarity or sleep it off. Venus connects with Chiron this morning, bringing creative solutions and a chance for deep healing. The moon continues in Pisces through today, and you’re slowly gaining clarity on all that has surfaced.

This evening, the moon squares Venus, followed by a sextile to Uranus, bringing a turning point and a breakthrough. The energy is creative, romantic, fertile, and dreamy. You can have what you want, but you have to acknowledge your desires. Be honest with yourself, choose from the heart, let go of expectations, and you could be delightfully surprised.


Today is the 163rd day of 2020
9 days until the Summer Solstice
7 days until Mercury Retrograde
203 days until 2021

Sun is in Gemini
Moon is in Pisces
Mercury is in Cancer
Venus is retrograde in Gemini
Mars is in Pisces
Jupiter is retrograde in Capricorn
Saturn is retrograde Aquarius
Uranus is in Taurus
Neptune is in Pisces
Pluto is Retrograde in Capricorn
Chiron is in Aries

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