Deer Moon Astrology 3/25/2020


“Everything is theoretically impossible, until it is done. One could write a history of science in reverse by assembling the solemn pronouncements of highest authority about what could not be done and could never happen.”

Robert A. Heinlein

The Aries new moon makes a series of powerful squares to Jupiter and Pluto in Capricorn today and Mars in Capricorn tomorrow, offering a powerful resurrection and turning point. This is a new cycle and a chance to embody the lessons you’ve learned. As the moon squares the planets in Capricorn, you have a chance to step out of old patterns that have held you back and do things differently.

Something might feel intimidating at first, but this is the Aries new moon cycle. Aries doesn’t know the meaning of “impossible.” The energy is childlike, passionate, and fearless. But the square to the planets in Capricorn is a growing moment. This is a chance to integrate the lessons you’ve learned and embody them, allowing you to move forward with greater self-awareness, focus, and determination toward your goals.

The energy from yesterday morning’s New Moon continues to move out in all directions but clarity is certainly not guaranteed without an immense amount of determined, individual self-control. The Sun’s conjunction with Chiron offers a great deal of strength on an individual level but we may not easily find ways to step back far enough from individual personal concerns to clearly see the choices that should be considered in a broader context. Today’s complications are actually about impulsiveness, emotion, and a lack of established guidelines rather than the difficulty of the actual choices. The more that we can recognize that today’s actual challenges are based on emotional confusion, the better situated we will be tomorrow, once the Moon arrives in Taurus and begins to offer glimpses of stability.


 Today is the 83rd day of 2020
88 days until the Summer Solstice
86 days until Mercury Retrograde
283 days until 2021

Sun is in Aries
Moon is in Aries
Mercury is in Pisces
Venus is in Taurus
Mars is in Capricorn
Jupiter is in Capricorn
Saturn is in Aquarius
Uranus is in Taurus
Neptune is in Pisces
Pluto is in Capricorn
Chiron is in Aries

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