Deer Moon Astrology 3/19/2020


“The word ‘equinox’ simply means ‘of equal length’ and refers to the twelve hours of daylight and twelve hours of darkness at this point in the year. It was originally thought to stem from two Latin words aequus meaning equal and nox meaning night. The word ‘Vernal’, as this equinox is often called, is derived from the Latin word vernus meaning ‘of spring’.”

 Carole Carlton, Mrs Darley’s Pagan Whispers: A Celebration of Pagan Festivals, Sacred Days, Spirituality and Traditions of the Year


The Sun’s entrance into Aries this evening at 8:49 PM PDT marks the Spring Equinox. There are increasingly intriguing threads of insight to follow today, under the Mars-Jupiter conjunction. This is an extremely expansive atmosphere and, most likely, a return to tangible and methodical planning. However, we are unlikely to find any tangible footholds quite yet. Next Tuesday’s New Moon (2:28 AM PDT 4° Aries) will see us expanding out in multiple directions, supported by a powerful growing energy. Saturn’s first ingress into Aquarius, coming on Saturday evening, will begin to teach us how to use the tools that are necessary for the kinds of changes and visionary expansion that we have been focused on accomplishing. Today offers us the ability to begin to distinguish between what are important responsibilities and what are unnecessary obligations.

We’re moving through the final hours of the sun’s transit in Pisces. Early this morning, the Aquarius moon squares Uranus in Taurus, bringing a surprising turn of events. Clarify a vision that has emerged over the past four weeks. The sun sextiles Saturn tonight, and you can bring a dream to life, but it will take hard work, dedication, and determination. What matters is how badly you want it. There’s infinite potential in a situation but acknowledge your limits and what you want to materialize and commit to.

The sun enters Aries and reaches the equinox tonight, bringing us to a passionate new beginning and season. At the time of the equinox, the days and nights are of equal length and, similarly, situations are reaching equilibrium over the coming days and weeks. But this is also shining a light on all that needs attention and can no longer be ignored.

Aries is a cardinal fire sign. This is a primal energy, the force of life in its rawest form. We can cook with fire, but fire can also burn the house down. Awareness is needed when handling this energy. Aries also primarily represents the self. The coming four weeks, above all, are a time to deepen self-awareness as we move forward.


Today is the 77th day of 2020
Today starts the Spring Equinox
289 days until 2021

Sun is in Pisces
Moon is in Aquarius
Mercury is in Pisces
Venus is in Taurus
Mars is in Capricorn
Jupiter is in Capricorn
Saturn is in Capricorn
Uranus is in Taurus
Neptune is in Pisces
Pluto is in Capricorn
Chiron is in Aries

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