Deer Moon Astrology 3/18/2020


“Be vulnerable.

I have tried forever to stop being vulnerable. It’s not going to happen, so, fuck it, I’ll just embrace it. And how many times have I let myself be overwhelmed by fear, I can’t even count. But always, I have found the courage to overcome those two and make it.

Being vulnerable has made me the artist I am and continues to be a part of my daily existence. How else could I open my heart and create? Worrying about not being good enough or being terrified to start a new project brings out the fear. So, fuck it, I’ll embrace the fear too.

Being courageous has brought me rewards I should never forget. From accomplishing my first gallery exhibitions to realizing I could handle trauma in my family with strength I didn’t know I had. All I can hope for is that I continue to allow myself to be vulnerable, face my fears and go on with courage.

Maybe when facing our very human vulnerability and fear, we should take off the armor and adopt those two with an open heart. Maybe that is the ultimate act of courage.

Be vulnerable.”

Riitta Klint

Clarity finally begins to open our hearts and minds today, whether we are preparing to gracefully accept defeat or preparing to rebuild our forces for another assault — another attempt to materialize our vision. We may not actually see the opening today but there is some hope that we at least have a feeling that the opening is there somewhere. For some, this may be to not ‘give up 5 minutes before the miracle’. For others, it may be that ‘discretion is the better part of valor’. Whatever ‘whispers’ we hear today may not be enough to actually take action, but we can at least begin to recognize that there is a new round coming. The Moon is briefly void-of-course from 5:47 PM PDT until 6:15 PM PDT. This evening’s Aquarius Moon, squaring Uranus, brings flashes of further clarity.

It’s the sun’s final day in Pisces. Tomorrow, the sun enters Aries, marking the equinox and a whole new astrological year. Early this morning, the Capricorn moon meets Mars, Jupiter, and Pluto, and we’re ready to let go of the old and make a fresh start. We know what we want, what we don’t want, and where we’ve reached the end of the road in certain situations. As the moon sextiles the sun this morning and conjoins Saturn this evening, this is a chance to wipe the slate clean. You’re being shown a new way forward, but you have to walk through that gate to get to the other side, which means leaving the past behind.

Consciously release the emotional baggage that weighs you down and limits your progress. You have a vision and you can manifest it, but it will call for humility and accepting your limitations. Then you can move beyond them.

The moon enters Aquarius tonight and the mood lightens. There’s a sense of possibility in the air. The mood is social, and we’re feeling inspired and ready to make radical changes. Be open to inspiration—there are flashes of insight coming through. Go where the night leads.


Today is the 76th day of 2020
01 day until Spring equinox
290 days until 2021

Sun is in Pisces
Moon is in Capricorn
Mercury is in Pisces
Venus is in Taurus
Mars is in Capricorn
Jupiter is in Capricorn
Saturn is in Capricorn
Uranus is in Taurus
Neptune is in Pisces
Pluto is in Capricorn
Chiron is in Aries

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