Deer Moon Astrology 2/24/2020


“It is growing up different. It is extreme hypersensitivity. It is a bottomless pit of feeling you’re failing, but three days later, you feel you can do anything, only to end the week where you began. It is not learning from your mistakes. It is distrusting people because you have been hurt enough. It is moments of knowing your pain is self-inflicted, followed by blaming the world. It is wanting to listen, but you just can’t anymore because your life has been to full of people that have judged you. It is fighting to be right; so, for once in your life someone will respect and hear you for a change. It is a tiring life of endless games with people, in order to seek stimulus. It is a hyper focus, so intense about what bothers you, that you can’t pay attention to anything else, for very long. It is a never-ending routine of forgetting things. It is a boredom and lack of contentment that keeps you running into the arms of anyone that has enough patience to stick around. It wears you out. It wears everyone out. It makes you question God’s plan. You misinterpret everything, and you allow your creative mind to fill the gaps with the same old chains that bind you. It narrows your vision of who you let into your life. It is speaking and acting without thinking. It is disconnecting from the ones you love because your mind has taken you back to what you can’t let go of. It is risk taking, thrill seeking and moodiness that never ends. You hang your hope on “signs” and abandon reason for remedy. It is devotion to the gifts and talents you have been given, that provide temporary relief. It is the latching onto the acceptance of others—like a scared child abandoned on a sidewalk. It is a drive that has no end, and without “focus” it takes you nowhere. It is the deepest anger when someone you love hurts you, and the greatest love when they don’t. It is beauty when it has purpose. It is agony when it doesn’t.”

Shannon L. Alder

Although today’s Pisces Moon may keep our sensitivity high, the conjunction with Neptune and generous sextile to Jupiter allow us to expand on the building sense of connection. It is also easier to offer compassion and honor the challenges that others are facing. Mercury is approaching the inferior conjunction with the Sun, which will help us to further recognize how to rebuild our connections to others. Today’s Sun-Mars sextile also encourages us to strengthen alliances and connections with others. However, as Mars makes the connection with the South Node, there may be a process of realignment that demands we purge unworkable or toxic friends and allies in order to move forward. The process may not be at all orderly but is definitely necessary.

THE week ahead: The week begins with a powerfully intuitive Pisces New Moon (7:31 AM PST 4° Pisces) on Sunday that provides much needed help to navigate the retrograde Mercury in Pisces period that is currently underway. We can begin to establish a more nurturing sense of connection — something that we have been craving. We can intuitively sense that by finding our proper place within a larger social and cooperative context, we will be able to take our vision, goals, or ambitions to a new level. In some sense, this represents a broad social reorganization and we must be prepared to operate within an entirely new framework. The more that we struggle to restore the old order or framework, the more pain we are likely to experience. Mars conjuncts the South Node as this reorganization process gets underway and we may find that we need to purge unworkable alliances or toxic friendships. The realignment process is likely to be extremely chaotic and possibly quite painful but it is important to stay with and trust the process and maintain some faith that we will, indeed, emerge on the other side to find a much more productive social or community environment. As we move through the week, we are looking for ways to bring our unique and independent perspective to the new cooperative framework that is forming. Again, the process may seem chaotic — perhaps even threatening. We may need to contend with some jealousy, possessiveness, or defensiveness as we move through the week. Nonetheless there is a powerful synthesis process underway — a notable quality of Pisces — allowing us to mesh or integrate our independent vision within a strong and supportive new social, cooperative framework.

Sunday’s Pisces New Moon brings powerful intuition We can begin to see ourselves as part of the larger picture and a broad reorganization begins. Sensitivity is increased on Monday. The sense of connection that we may have felt was lacking begins to open us up to the larger world. There is some sense that we need to jettison some kind of toxic relationships or social involvement. Tuesday’s inferior Sun-Mercury conjunction signals a turning point in the confusion of the current retrograde Mercury. However, a Moon-Chiron conjunction in the evening allows for an honest and forthright give-and-take. We can see more clearly the shifts that are underway on Wednesday, suggesting some potential for jealousy and possessiveness. It is important to stay open to finding new solutions. There is a strong sense of independence brought forward on Thursday as we begin to look for ways to integrate our vision, goals, or ambitions within the new framework that is forming. The intensity of our independent vision is even more pronounced on Friday. We reach a breakthrough moment when we are finally able to express how dedicated we feel to our vision. There may be a recognition of some unintended consequences on Saturday — “you can’t just change one thing!” However, there is enough stability in the atmosphere to allow us to take a step back and effectively assess our new position within the new cooperative framework.


 Today is the 55th day of 2020
24 days until Spring equinox
312 days until 2021

Sun is in Pisces
Moon is in Pisces
Mercury is retrograde in Pisces
Venus is in Aries
Mars is in Capricorn
Jupiter is in Capricorn
Saturn is in Capricorn
Uranus is in Taurus
Neptune is in Pisces
Pluto is in Capricorn
Chiron is in Aries

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