Deer Moon Astrology 12/12/2019


“…it just seemed as if she were marking time while life rocketed past.”

Soheir Khashoggi, Nadia’s Song

Vacillation is produced by the strong desire to break free of restriction even as we feel a concern to maintain the proper presentation, image and appearance. Chiron stations direct today and will begin to instill a strong sense of adventure and a pioneering spirit that looks for ways to tame the whirl of ideas while seeking to avoid giving up on the sense of excitement. The strong Capricorn influence brings a demand for hard work and responsibility which is a powerful undercurrent beneath the flow of new and exciting ideas and insights that are keeping us stirred up. Finding a proper balance between responsible effort and inspiration is the grand challenge we are facing here.

With the moon void-of-course until this afternoon, expect a relatively quiet morning. A void-of-course moon is a time when nothing much happens, and it’s best to stick to routine tasks rather than initiate something of consequence. Still, there’s a sense of feeling the calm before the storm.

We’re coming down from the energy of the full moon, and the coming days bring powerfully transformational aspects. With the sun in Sagittarius (representing spirituality) and the moon in Gemini (representing duality and the mind), silence the mind, meditate, deepen your spiritual practice, and make time for self-reflection as you explore your choices.

The moon enters Cancer this afternoon, later it opposes Jupiter, and it sextiles Uranus tonight, stirring big emotions, bringing huge—perhaps unexpected—opportunities and surprises, and opening new doors.

The holiday spirit is certainly flowing. It will take awareness to balance indulgence with responsibility. Know your limits and you won’t go too far.

Chiron, the Wounded Healer, stations direct today at 1° Aries, and then slowly makes its way to 5° Aries, where it was when it went into retrograde. During a Chiron transit, you may feel that you are having a wounding experience.  Often it feels that a fresh wound is being laid in in the present, that you are being broken open.  But if you examine it more deeply, you will find that it reminds you of something painful from the past and that the past has surged up to blend with the present.  You are experiencing both wounds at once, but that may not be apparent until you look at the situation more deeply.  To become fully present again, you need healing, and Chiron has brought your awareness to that.

Chiron’s purpose is to restore wholeness—Chiron reconnects things that have been separated or broken apart, in order that they may be mended and ultimately, reintegrated with each other.  When this happens in your psyche, some call it soul retrieval, but Chiron can also mend broken homes (Moon), broken reputations (Saturn), or broken relationships (Venus).  To do this, Chiron must remind us of the earlier time when the thing got broken, so the healing can happen.  The beauty of it is that, if you allow it to happen instead of fighting it, you can come away more integrated, more whole in that area than you’ve ever been before.


Today is the 346th day of 2019
09 days until the winter solstice
67 days until Mercury Retrograde
19 days until 2020

Sun is in Sagittarius
Moon is in Gemini
Mercury is in Sagittarius
Venus is in Capricorn
Mars is in Scorpio
Jupiter is in Capricorn
Saturn is in Capricorn
Uranus is retrograde in Taurus
Neptune is in Pisces
Pluto is in Capricorn
Chiron stations direct in Aries


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