Deer Moon Astrology 11/01/2019


“We, this people, on this minuscule and kithless globe
Who reach daily for the bomb, the blade and the dagger
Yet who petition in the dark for tokens of peace
We, this people on this mote of matter
In whose mouths abide cankerous words
Which challenge our very existence
Yet out of those same mouths
Come songs of such exquisite sweetness
That the heart falters in its labor
And the body is quieted into awe…”

Maya Angelou, A Brave and Startling Truth
from Maya Angelou: The Complete Poetry

HAPPY NOVEMBER! In addition to Mercury’s first full day of retrograde, Venus, the planet of love, grace, charm, and beauty, moves into optimistic and restless Sagittarius, the seeds of stunningly powerful rhetoric are sown by in a careful, quiet manner. We are concerned – perhaps in a shallow-minded way – in making the right impression instead of speaking our Truth clearly and loudly. We are unlikely to forget what we want to say and our messages will only grow louder from today and planetary energies whirl and dance. Our insights are powerful now. Don’t force understanding upon others, but take a step back, a deep breath, a moment to think. You might do best to live behind the scenes for now and plan your future.

Calm, cool, and collected: these words sum up Moon in Capricorn well. Messy emotions and “leaky” souls are a bit frightening for most under this transit. Truth is, there can be plenty of mood swings and some dark emotions now and again. Moon in Capricorn is often quite hard on us, and we would benefit from letting our guard down once in a while. We may have a reputation of being a mountain of strength, but we are easily able to hide sensitivity behind a sarcastic manner.

Moon in Capricorn can be perceived as cold and calculating. The fact is, we are just as likely to be as emotional as the other 11 sign positions of the Moon, but we’re not really comfortable “letting go” when it comes to emotions. We will feel a need to keep our emotions under control. Wherever Capricorn is found in the chart, there is a desire for structure and control. Capricorn is the sign of organization and efficient management; so, when the Moon is found in the sign, the world of emotions are well-managed and handled in an efficient and practical manner.

Tomorrow is another story.


Today is the 305th day of 2019
51 days until the winter solstice
20 days until Mercury stations direct
62 days until 2020

Sun is in Scorpio
Moon is in Capricorn
Mercury is retrograde in Scorpio
Venus moves into Sagittarius
Mars is in Libra
Jupiter is in Sagittarius
Saturn is in Capricorn
Uranus is retrograde in Taurus
Neptune is retrograde in Pisces
Pluto is in Capricorn
Chiron is retrograde in Aries


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