Daily Astrology 10/22/2019


“Look to your right… It is the path back home. If you choose, you can take it. It is safe, easy, and comfortable. You do not have to work out or fight or do anything else you do not want to…

Or you can keep moving forward. I will not lie to you. I cannot predict what may become of you. It will require a lot of training, hard work, study, and danger. But in the very end, you will know strength. I swear it. You might just become someone who will make a difference in the world.”

Wesley Chu, The Lives of Tao

We continue to deal with self-assurance and self-confidence issues, but they are dissipating more rapidly, though not completely obscured as of yet. It’s preferable to avoid direct confrontation or aggression in order to maintain the appearance of harmonious interaction. We still might not get what we want, and there will continue to be obstacles and hurdles placed in our path that we will have to work around. Dig deep for a mindset of patience and fortitude to last through these final days and hours of this somewhat challenging energy. The transactional nature of today’s efforts guides us toward compromise based on psychology and a deepening understanding of the motivations of others. In essence, this a day where we may feel the grinding down of the rough edges and polishing of our approach in interacting with others. Stay patient and stay firm.

Mercury is in Scorpio currently, where it will stay throughout most of its retrograde period, which begins on October 31st. Halloween in the U.S. This seems like a perfect transit, as Scorpio Mercury is intense and mysterious. We may find ourselves drawn to the threshold experiences of death and sex. It’s surprisingly frank and realistic transit. You will find honest opinions, but don’t fish for that if you don’t want to know. Mercury in Scorpio has a searching mind. You seem to pick up on everything, especially what goes unsaid. What you offer has depth. You may churn over something before offering perspective. During this pre-retrograde period, you may find that you are a natural detective and kryptonite to those hiding secrets. You can’t be lied to. Mercury Scorpio won’t necessarily let you know they know, but at a strategic point, they’ll let you unmask yourself. As Mercury has to do with communication, Mercury in Scorpio has a formidable memory. In short, you might dwell on something someone said several years ago and confront them with it. Not a good strategy unless all you’re looking for is drama.

Tomorrow is another story.


Today is the 295th day of 2019
61 days until the winter solstice
10 days until Mercury Retrograde (10/31-11/20)
70 days until 2020

Sun is in Libra
Moon is in Leo
Mercury is in Scorpio
Venus is in Scorpio
Mars is in Libra
Jupiter is in Sagittarius
Saturn is in Capricorn
Uranus is retrograde in Taurus
Neptune is retrograde in Pisces
Pluto is in Capricorn
Chiron is retrograde in Aries


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