Daily Astrology 6/27/2019


“Sometimes the biggest gain in productive energy will come from clearing the cobwebs, dealing with old business, and clearing the desks—cutting loose debris that’s impeding forward motion.”

David Allen, Ready for Anything: 52 Productivity Principles for Getting Things Done

NOTE: Please also refer to the 6/26/2019 astrology for additional information on energy which is ongoing all this week. 

Today is not a day to be putting things off that are better accomplished today. Even if you have to give yourself a pep talk or some tough love, focus on completing what you start whenever possible this week. It’s much easier to solve issues and avoid complications when there is encouraging energy from the Sun’s sextile to Uranus, the planet of ingenuity and resourcefulness.

Intuition is cranked all the way up to its maximum setting, so trying to stifle it is like trying to stuff toothpaste back into the tube.

However, be cautioned that the solutions you discover won’t be conventional in any way. Probably not even politically correct. It’s your job to make sure you can tone them down to be appropriate to everyone. In other words, they need to carry a G rating and not a PG or R.

You may be exceptionally tired this evening because of all that’s going on energetically, but understand that any shortcuts you take will lead you well off the path you need to be on right now, and it’s unlikely you’ll find your way home any time soon. There is a two-hour period when Moon in stubborn Taurus conjoins Uranus, the planet of unexpected situations and surprises, when the path may be obscured from view. Going astray will very likely create problems that eat up a lot of time in trying to correct them. That’s where intuition will save you. Trust in your instincts. They want you to succeed. “But that’s how we’ve always done it!” won’t work for you now. Innovate.

Remember the story of the tortoise and the hare? The tortoise kept going while the hare figured he had the race already won, and so procrastinated. Today, be the tortoise. It may seem to take forever to get things done, but you’ll save yourself countless headaches in the near future.

Tomorrow is another story.


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