Daily Astrology 6/26/2019


“You can’t use up creativity. The more you use, the more you have.”

Maya Angelou

A beautiful smile and your winning charm achieve so much more today as Mercury transits Leo. Mercury also goes retrograde in Leo soon, so read on.

When Mercury is in Leo, communications are bright and bold, and self-expression reaches its most meaningful manifestation. From the moment Mercury enters this fiery sign today, you are encouraged to express your ideas in creative and even dramatic ways. Overall, this yearly transit is positive for creative work and romantic inspiration.

Also this morning, Moon trines Jupiter, making us less preachy, even though we still have our moments. But, more so, you have an enlightened nature and adventurous spirit. Your restlessness is usually healthy and inspired. However, be aware that when feeling upset or closed in, you can find yourself darting from place to place, with no real end destination or focus.

This afternoon, Moon in Aries sextiles Venus in Gemini, boosting creativity and enhancing the potential for success. Your brilliant ideas are absolute FIRE!

Tonight, Moon squares Pluto, making us feel tense and wanting to avoid any and all commitments, which works in your favor, especially if you’ve been super busy all day.

As we prepare for Mercury, the planet of communication, travel, and electronics as it begins to slow in advance of going retrograde on 07 July 2019, we are cautioned to start taking preventive measures so when our computer crashes or our cars develop odd behaviors they didn’t have before, we’re less frustrated and panicky and we feel equipped to deal with things and not fall to pieces at the first sign of trouble.

During this retrograde phase, there will be an exuberant over-the-top dramatization added to all conversations and declarations of the heart. However, don’t run too fast into expressing your sentiments. With Mercury answering to the Sun and the Moon (Leo is ruled by the Sun and the Sun in Cancer is ruled by the Moon), we can expect major gaslighting and indirect and confusing emotional responses from others. Also, we may even be in protective mode and unsure of how to express our desires.

Tomorrow is another story.


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