Daily Astrology 6/20/2019


“Recall how often in human history the saint and the rebel have been the same person.”

Rollo May, The Courage to Create

As Moon in its last degrees of Sagittarius before moving into Capricorn, squares unconventional Uranus, urging us to step outside our comfort zone. What would happen if, instead of following the herd, you did the exact opposite? It’s not very practical, but doing things a different way has never been exactly practical to the world at large. Today you can say with unequivocal honesty that you don’t care and you’re going to do it your way or no way at all. You know what’s best for you. Don’t allow peer pressure (or any kind of pressure) tell you differently. Being the black sheep isn’t a bad thing. It means you trust your instinct, intellect, and intuition. Beautiful!

Tonight you’ll be tempted to step back in line as Moon begins its entry into the Saturn-ruled sign of Capricorn. Remember, Saturn is our stern grandfather who demands we do as he says without question. Thankfully, free will always win out. Enjoy laughter and togetherness without worrying about things that aren’t getting done. Do something to celebrate the imminent Summer Solstice, whether it’s with friends or performing a quiet ritual at home to welcome the season of sunlight and joy. If you’re not inclined to have a party, then enjoy your own wonderful company. Either way, you win.

Tomorrow is another story.


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