Daily Astrology 6/15/2019


Today is about to be as unpredictable as they come, thanks to an aspect between Moon in Sagittarius and unpredictable Uranus. Take on the mindset of wanting to learn something new, because it’s likely to happen whether you want it to or not. Rather than rebel against it, understand that this is crucial information you need to thrive and grow. Keeping an open mind brings events that feel like adventure. If your to-do list is filled with mundane tasks and chores, pull a Mary Poppins and get them done in an entertaining way to make them seem less like a burden and more like fun.

Naturally opposing signs of Sagittarius (Moon) and Venus in Gemini gives us a feeling like we’re more than one person, more than two, and more like four people feeling every emotion you can conjure up. This is a complementary and social aspect, creating the possibility of new relationships, eradicating any boredom you might feel. Use this energy to your benefit and you can’t go wrong.

Tomorrow is another story.


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