Daily Astrology 6/7/2019


“Creating something from nothing is ingenious.
Creating something from something is smart.
To rule your world, be ingeniously smart.”

Martin Uzochukwu Ugwu

Big deal, big words is the energy of the morning when Mercury (planet of communication, coordination, thought processes, ideas, and sensory information) sextiles intuitive Uranus (planet of enlightenment, progressiveness, objectivity, novelty, inventiveness, and ingenuity). Our mental excitement brings spirited ideas that are likely to lead to something better than what you were originally looking for. Don’t be afraid to level up in your thinking. You are worthy of this energy, no matter how much your ego tries to convince you otherwise. Uranus forges change on a grand scale. Not only will your plans go well, but you’ll have contingency plans for the parts that don’t seem to work like they’re intended to.

Versatile Venus adds an additional layer of energy that, despite it being ruled by slow-moving Taurus, lends dynamic thinking and problem-solving. The stronger energy, Gemini, is always ready to dig in.

Moon glides into fiery Leo tonight, making us feel magnanimous, generous, hospitable, warm, caring, and open to what the rest of the week brings us. Your plans may gain a theatrical and dramatic flair, which is Leo’s favorite way to operate. If you decide not to engage under this transit, everyone notices because darling, you look FABULOUS doing it.

Tomorrow is another story.


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