Daily Astrology 6/5/2019


“Highly sensitive beings suffer more but they also love harder, dream wider and experience deeper horizons and bliss. When you’re sensitive, you’re alive in every sense of this word in this wildly beautiful world. Sensitivity is your strength. Keep soaking in the light and spreading it to others.”

Victoria Erickson

Moon in its home sign of Cancer joins hands with Mars this morning, meaning we’ll want to take action while we’re “feeling it.” Moon describes our instinctive and emotional nature. It describes who you already are in tandem with your Sun Sign. Cancer is also a water sign and pertains to the emotional, psychological, and spiritual dimensions of your life. Empathy for others is strong today, as you’ll have an intuitive ability to sense what others need, while Mars urges you to take action. Cancer also being a Cardinal sign creates an even stronger need for action. Emotions are strong and our need to serve is equally strong. This energy will last through the lunch hour.

Later, the Moon is busy in a trine with Neptune and then opposes Saturn, and it’s a strange trip from reality being foggy to getting all too real within the span of a couple hours. This is an interesting lesson in how to manage your sensitivity, should you choose to learn it. If you ignore it, it will crop up for you later, and with much more intent. Why not take the education now while it’s presented in a soft, understanding way?

However, with Saturn involved, can we really be compassionate and sensitive? It might be time to redefine “understanding” in our personal lexicon.

Tomorrow is another story.


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