Daily Astrology 6/4/2019


“Eureka” can be an answer to a question we have never asked. It can be the articulation of a sudden and unforeseen idea or the expression of a magic moment that throws us into a new world. It acts like a radiant sunbeam that comes out of the blue and illuminates a dim past, opening a new, dynamic horizon. It may even be a trivial but lucky encounter with new friends, who let us be what we are in our imagination: original and undifferentiated.”

Erik Pevernagie, Artist

Did you feel it? A tsunami of Gemini energy rolled over us last evening, possibly disrupting sleep or bringing crazy dreams or both. The watery imagery continues this morning as communication is much more sensitive than usual and stays in your safe zone with Mercury in Cancer. This aspect manifests as the caring homemaker, wanting us to focus on making our house a safe, comfortable place to retreat to when the world gets to be too much. This energy means you attempt to make everyone around you feel at ease no matter where you are. You may tend toward over-explanation or being overly-apologetic for things that don’t require either an explanation or an apology. Don’t be sorry for being a warm, caring soul. Obstacles are mere glitches and not worth worrying about.

You organize your thoughts and feelings, just as you would organize a bookshelf at home.  Your fluid approach to communication will greatly benefit you and others. Mercury will bring you a new perspective on how you communicate with friends and family. Be aware and respectful of their needs, as you usually are.

Your sixth sense is highlighted, bringing about sudden and clear illumination. It adds to the “let’s learn” mentality the New Moon brought. It’s likely you already know what’s coming.

Tonight, Moon sextiles the planet of surprises, Uranus, shaking things up a bit. Get ready for unexpected pleasure, pleasant surprises, and changes in the status quo, impromptu visits, sudden news, and brilliant flashes of new ideas. Write them down. You’ll want to refer back to them soon.

Tomorrow is another story.


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