Daily Astrology, 5/28/2019


“The rich flow of creativity, innovation, and almost musical complexity we are looking for in a fulfilled work life cannot be reached through trying or working harder. The medium for the soul, it seems, must be the message. The river down which we raft is made up of the same substance as the great sea of our destination. It is an ever-moving, firsthand creative engagement with life and with others that completes itself simply by being itself. This kind of approach must be seen as the “great art” of working in order to live, of remembering what is most important in the order of priorities and what place we occupy in a much greater story than the one our job description defines. Other “great arts,” such as poetry, can remind and embolden us to this end. Whatever we choose to do, the stakes are very high. With a little more care, a little more courage, and, above all, a little more soul, our lives can be so easily discovered and celebrated in work, and not, as now, squandered and lost in its shadow.”

David Whyte, The Heart Aroused: Poetry and the Preservation of the Soul in Corporate America

Events that were not listed in your original plan are likely to crop up today under the Pisces Moon. Moon is void-of-course later this morning, bringing a surprising change of energy that may catch us off guard and make us stumble (figuratively, not literally…but be careful walking nonetheless). The moon floats into Aries this afternoon, your true mission is revealed. Aries momentum gets you going in the right direction so that all you have to do is pay attention to the details and follow through to bring it to fruition.

Later, you’re well-advised to separate work and home life. Aries lends us an impulsive and fiery disposition, which may foul things up if home and work are brought together. You know what you want but leave it alone until tomorrow morning unless you wish to spend the rest of the week trying to repair the damage. Aries wants excitement and spontaneity, but will cost dearly should you go “off the rails” now. Settle in with a good book or a nice, hot bath, and let the energy of the day melt away. Get some rest, because…

Tomorrow’s another story.