Daily Astrology, 5/25/2019

Photo by talented Scorpio/Sagittarius cusp and good friend Dani Stites. See her work on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/dani.stites.5


“Melancholy is sadness that has taken on lightness.”

Italo Calvino

We begin our day with an advantage as the Aquarius Moon sextiles optimistic Jupiter, giving us a caffeine-like jolt to get our motors running. You are confident, happy, and successful. The universe validates that for you today. Oh, and another thing…you look mah-velous!

Moon is void-of-course a bit later, making us feel accomplished whether we actually accomplished something or not. Take a nap this afternoon to relax and replenish your reserves and get your mojo revving. Moon slips into dreamy Pisces tomorrow, so avail yourself of this energy today to get the things done that you want to get done.

Tonight, it’s all about dreaming and a sense of romance, and we’ll feel quite sentimental, especially toward those whose lives ended far too soon, or relationships that ended. It’s okay to feel mopey now. Pisces gives access to energy from the depths of the emotional ocean, so there will be a sense of melancholy going into Sunday. Not to worry. Moon is headed into Aries on Tuesday, and that lingering feeling of sadness or reminiscence will dissipate.

Pisces Moon calls on us to remember those who lived and died as a sacrifice for our freedoms and security, especially those who died in active military service. Take a moment to acknowledge your gratitude for all who have served humanity in such selfless ways.


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