Daily Astrology 5/22/2019


“Yesterday I was clever, so I wanted to change the world. Today I am wise, so I am changing myself.”


Mars sextiles unpredictable Uranus today, creating a strong desire to pursue something different, something other than what you’ve been pursuing until now. What might that be? You’ll be able to identify and understand what exactly it is that needs changing. What does this level of change look like, feel like? You are in a prime spot to bring about this energy of change. You’ve worked so long and so diligently for it. You’ve never been more ready than right now. This out-of-the-ordinary energy opens excellent opportunities, sparking brilliant ideas. The greatest ideas are born from the merest seeds of thought.

This evening, Moon conjoins Saturn, the master builder of well-laid plans, and Pluto, which gives us intense focus. It’s a very brief window, this energy (2 hours) but powerful enough to last for days and weeks. When Pluto energy changes one thing, no matter how big or small, the balance of everything else shifts dynamically, clearing the way for you to succeed. Even if it’s making a list of things you want to accomplish, now is the time to manifest exactly what you want and what you need.

Tomorrow is another story.


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