Daily Astrology, 5/18/2019


“It is fear that reinforces the walls we build, people are afraid to be swayed from their convictions, afraid to question their moral instincts and expose themselves to ideas that may challenge the fabric of their entire existence, but what are we if we are not seeking to better ourselves?”

Aysha Taryam

Today’s Full Moon is considered the Blue Flower Full Moon, representing personal fulfillment, the reaping of what you sowed at the New Moon back on 5 May 2019. We were tasked with tackling important issues, and to set auspicious goals or embark with new projects. Rather than going beyond our comfort zone, we craved security and a sense of safety. We might have been more conservative in our thinking at that time. The Full Moon in Scorpio brings intense energy to the day.

The term “blue moon” does not mean the moon will appear blue (unfortunately, because that would be cool). You might have heard the phrase “once in a blue moon” to describe something that occurs rarely — well, here’s where that phrase comes from! Usually, there is one full moon per month, and three full moons per season. Any “extra” full moons are called “blue.” This year, we have four full moons in spring instead of the usual three full moons — and, according to the Farmer’s Almanac, it’s the third of these four full moons that gets the special “blue” nickname. The Flower Moon earned its name because it coincides with spring flowers blooming.

Moon in Scorpio represents sex, death, and taxes, not necessarily in that order. Back at the beginning of the month, we were asked to set our house in order, and now we know why. As this Full Moon also occurs during the Sun sign of Taurus, the Bull will lend some additional color to this energy, especially because Mercury and Venus are currently in Taurus. When the watery Scorpio Moon opposes the earthy Taurus Sun and Mercury (who is in Taurus), we can expect our unconscious minds and desires to be stimulated. That means letting out our inner passions, without hesitation.

The sign, Scorpio, overflows with energy and passion to continue on and, in turn, increase the yield even more. The dedicated will follow through, finish, and make room for the new.

Later, creative Venus conjoins eclectic Uranus, bringing a sense of personal satisfaction, happiness, and also surprises. Calm your mind through prayer or meditation, get comfortable, and follow where your thoughts lead you as you enter a vibrant, creative world where you aren’t afraid of new ideas or changes.

It’s natural to fear change, as it triggers our fight-or-flight response. However, now you can embrace change without fear or repercussions.

Tomorrow is another story.


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