Daily Astrology 5/5/2019


“You can not control the thought, but you can control the tongue.”

Amit Kalantri, Wealth of Words

Today inspires overconfidence when feisty, argumentative Mars in Gemini opposes jubilant Jupiter. This could create harsh responses and short tempers…but they’ll be entertaining! Mars in Gemini communicates with a bit more sharpness than is called for, but the words will be wrapped in a ludicrous outfit that will bring laughter instead of an argument. It is possible to get one’s point across and do it in a way that doesn’t sound so much like tough love.

Thankfully, the Taurus Moon trines Saturn in its home sign of Capricorn, offering a sense of responsibility for your words and actions, with tons of idealistic energy to help make your dreams a reality. You mean what you say and say what you mean. Your reflection in the mirror at this time will be seen with almost perfect self-estimation. It’s a time to face your objectives head-on as you are enthusiastic and exercise careful deliberation before acting. This includes your career if you’ve been trying to make a major decision about work.

Moon enters loopy, talkative, and mercurial Gemini tonight, giving us a pleasant, witty charm that goes a long way toward drawing in creative people to influence and inspire you. Leverage this opportunity. Be cautious, too, because a Gemini Moon can be moody and irritable at the drop of a hat. The bottom line is that you’ll be interesting whether you’re in a mood or making the world laugh. You might find sleep challenging, as this transit makes you restless and your brain races with a bajillion thoughts that all clamor for your attention. A cup of mild tea or warm milk before bed might help.

Remember, both the Moon and Mars is in Gemini currently. Double whammy? Only if you let it.

Tomorrow is another story.

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